(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Irene Silver shows off photographer talent as she catches dazzling shots of a posing Dakota Charms. Dakota gets her mits on the SKW title belt and takes more glamor shots. Lurking in the back is Tiny as he catches her flaunting the SKW championship. As he enters the room, Irene conjures a convenient excuse to see herself out and the giant’s booming voice startles the soon-to-be jobber. She challenges Tiny’s ownership of the belt despite its label and a feigned excusal turns into a huge knee to the belly. A headlock transitions into a DDT directly onto the title belt, leaving her spread eagle. Tiny rationalizes his title reign and lifts Dakota by the hair. A cobra clutch asphyxiates her life away as he hoists her into the air. She goes limp in his grasp and hits the mats, a lifeless heap. He grabs her by the ear, lifting her from her siesta and abducts her with a lifting sleeperhold. She’s quickly stripped of air and gurgles before dropping in his clasp. He takes her to the floor and ramps up the pressure with a rear naked choke that squishes her to nothingness.

Dakota lies motionless as her limbs flop to the mats. Tiny flips her around and positions her for a two-handed throat lift from the mats to high up on the wall. She dangles in absolute helplessness as he squeezes her to bits, leaving her to topple to the floor as the hold is relinquished. She’s so out of it that she doesn’t react to his huge foot and belly stomps, so he ups the intensity. He sits her up for enormous rights to the face then stands her for more. A torture rack snaps her in two and she silently suffers with a grimace through her unconsciousness. She continues to sleep through a stomp to the hand and he dials it up another notch. Getting her to her feet, he ties her arms and ironically asphyxiates her to consciousness with a straitjacket choke. Soon it’s lights out and she falls to her knees allowing him to put a boot to her back, straining the hold further. She flops to the mats and he strips her of her pants exposing a two-piece bikini.

Somehow Dakota comes to her senses and sees the heel standing over her. In pure horror she gets on all fours and scampers toward the exit, but Tiny stops her with a yank of the hair and wraps her leggings around her throat. He squeezes her to the point of frothy drool and she sprawls to the mats. He gets ahold of the leash, binds it across her neck, then stomps her awake. He drags her around the room by the silver chain and yanks it to a tighten. With her throat in shambles he lifts her for an excruciating bearhug. She tuckers out in the submission before being left flat on the mats with her upper half beet red half red from Tiny’s beating. He frees her from the leash then fetches a chair from the back. A lift and carry sees him take her to the back of the room where she’s sloppily seated for a forceful belly stomp that jars her awake. A whiplashing stunner sends her crashing to the mats causing her eyes to flutter before she blacks out.

A snapping kick to the spine lifts Dakota from lethargy and Tiny keeps the pressure up with a full nelson submission that raises her to the ceiling. She kicks around in despair until she’s overcome with painful fatigue, then ragdolled to the mats. He reacquires the belt, setting it in the center and using a ginormous palm to squeeze her back to life. A tombstone piledriver plants her into the metal belt and she lies stiff. He grips her by the nose to stifle her breathing, which stirs her awake and continues her nightmare with another hoist by the hair. He scoops her up and a second tombstone piledriver sends her into vanquished convulsions before going still. She doesn’t budge against his limb checks and is lifted to her feet again. He flips her upside down and craters her into the belt with a piledriver. Her eyes flutter as if from a powerful REM sleep and he discards the belt.

Bringing the chair back into the mix, Tiny forces Dakota to kneel in front of it. A vicious face slam into the seat cleans her clock for the KO. He forces her to fiercely kiss the chair a few more times before doing away with it. Next, he grabs the stool and positions it for more ferocious festivities. He drops her lifeless form across it and brings her to with a few face slaps and a sight test. A nasty kick to the side of the face rocks her into a spit take and regretful whimpers. Subsequent kicks knock her closer to a coma before the final one sends her spinning off the stool into a spit take with twitches. She lies unresponsive to a grinding boot to the stomach and following belly stomps. A lift and carry spells the end for her as he lifts her to the ceiling with raw power and puts her away with the dreaded Tiny special. She silently convulses before going limp and he secures the fall with a single leg hook 10-count pin. He grabs a sharpie from offscreen and returns to make a mark on his next trophy. He fights through his struggles with literacy to brand her stomach with an embarrassing title then poses her for a hogtie. Mouth gagged and hands tied she lies feeble and depleted. He then poses with yet another jobber trophy before adding her to a pile that could rival Mount Everest.

DDT onto title belt KO
Lifting cobra clutch KO
Ear lift
Lifting sleeperhold KO
Rear naked choke KO
Two-handed throat lift KO
Foot stomps
Belly stomps
Face punches KO
Torture rack KO
Hand stomp
Straitjacket choke KO
Pants strip
Choke w/ pants KO
Dog walking
Leash choke
Lifting bearhug KO
Lift and carries
Stunner KO
Spinal kick
Chair-assisted belly stomp
Lifting full nelson KO
Lifting choke
Tombstone piledriver onto title belt KOs
Nose squeeze
Piledriver onto title belt KO
Face slam to chair KOs
Stool-assisted face kicks w/ spit take KO
Tiny special KO
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Hands tied
Over-the-shoulder carry
Victory pose
Twitching / convulsing
Instant replay
Leash play
Limb checks
Alternate Tiny special


Length:  40 min
Price: 38.99