(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A bigger mismatch couldn’t have been booked as we have the adorable, yet timid, Willow standing across from SKW’s immovable object (or unstoppable force), Tiny. Willow took it upon herself to have a match with the masked wrestler based off of the name, however the irony of an in-person meet has proved rather terrifying. Willow expresses desire to back out as she realizes her chances of victory are slim to none, but Tiny offers an alternative as his valuable time and service would be wasted without a contest. They organize an “I quit” match and Tiny gets right to business from a feigned sportsmanlike handshake.

Willow ends up captured in a sleeperhold by Tiny’s massive biceps. From the jump, she attempts to mouth the words “I quit” but the snug wrap around her neck prevents her voice from escaping. She goes limp without much resistance and Tiny takes it to the ground where he secures a rear naked choke. Willow mouths a soft utterance again but it’s inaudible through the chokehold. A limb check gets her to show a bit of responsiveness and Tiny continues with the offense. He lifts her by the hair and delivers a huge knee to the gut followed by a drilling DDT that flips her over for a KO. The newly formed ragdoll is hoisted up again and planted with another DDT that leaves her limp and comatose.

She gradually comes to, but before she can get a word out, Tiny wraps his mitts around her throat and heaves her into the air. She’s pressed against the wall where she’s choked and squeezed until succumbing to asphyxiation. When she touches the floor she crumples into a derri “air” pose lying unresponsive to the touch. Tiny plants a foot on her rear and boastfully poses as he has more in store for the poor girl. Her lifeless form is kicked over and lifted into the air for an ab-crunching bearhug. Willow doesn’t make a peep through the excruciating hold nor the limb checks. Next, Tiny arches her for a mangling dragon sleeper where she produces only the softest of moans. As the hold is released she remains out cold and ignorant of querying limb checks.

Tiny’s assault proceeds with a cobra clutch putting even further strain on her reddened throat. She remains mute and he chooses to have some fun with a lift and carry of the exhausted beauty. With pins out of the question, Tiny changes the pace from submissions to high-impact with a stunner KO that sprawls Willow out. She’s ragdolled about the mats with some dragging and flipping, which she remains asleep through. He then brings her over his shoulders for a fracturing torture rack that only gains the most faint of reactions. He drops to his knees for a modified backbreaker and Willow subsides face down and numb. He comically exhibits his special brand of “smelling salts” in the form of shattering face punches that have no luck achieving the desired result. Fortunately, he has an authentic vial that restores Willow from her unconscious state.

Willow makes a last-ditch effort to flee by crawling to the door, but her lapse in quitting the match costs her greatly. He heads her off and guides her back to the center of the room for a devastating pedigree KO. He dials the nastiness up as he retrieves a metal chain from the back and ensures she stays enfeebled with a second pedigree KO. As Willow is totally out of it, Tiny fastens the chain across her throat for a tight cinch and squeezes her airway in dominant fashion. He lifts her into the air for a full nelson submission causing her to pass out in a derri “air” pose. Again, Tiny uses the chain to hoist her by the throat and advances with more choking. He transitions to a rear bearhug that only gets quelled moans from the submissive dame before she melts face down and ass up.

Tiny mercifully removes the chain and scoops her up again. This time she suffers a whiplashing fisherman neckbreaker that drops her with ease. He indulges in more lift and carry action as Willow is draped over his shoulder like a title belt. He flips her over leaving her prone and unconscious for SK to check her condition, which of course isn’t good. Tiny gets his hands on a steel chair and ends up repeatedly slamming Willow’s face into the seat for a KO. Opting to be a bit nicer he places her face in seat for a spot of rest, but doubles back for a set of sickening boots the skull that causes her to spit up. He displays his power by lifting her lifeless frame into a tombstone piledriver position, then sending her skull first into the mats. He follows up with a small package piledriver that leaves her curled and out cold.

Tiny finally gets his fill of the dainty enchantress and lifts her to the ceiling to symbolize the end. A Tiny special drives Willow into the mats and she lies senseless. SK’s 10-count limb check invokes no action from her and Tiny is declared the winner of the (mis)match. Tiny gets hold of a black marker and brands the depleted jobber with a demoralizing tag. Willow is then scooped over his shoulder and he poses as he has yet another gorgeous trophy to add to his countless collection before carrying her to the back.

Sleeperhold KO
Rear naked choke KO
Two-handed throat lift KO
Bearhug KO
Dragon sleeper KO
Cobra clutch KO
Stunner KO
Torture rack KO
Torture rack backbreaker KO
Faces punch KO
Pedigree KOs
Chain choke KO
Full nelson lift KO
Rear bearhug KO
Fisherman neckbreaker KO
Face slams to chair KO
Chair-assisted stomps KO
Tombstone piledriver KO
Small package piledriver KO
Tiny special KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Lift and carry
Light drooling
Over-the-shoulder carries
Win poses
Limb checks
Alternate takes


Length: 38 min
Price: 36.99