(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



We open on Kayla Obey unconscious, posed on the mat with her ass high in the air, a note taped to it.  Apparently Tiny has left Sleeperkid a little present.  As Sleeperkid enters the mat room for his workout, he sees the crumpled combatant and, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth decides to engage in a little playtime. Tossing the note away, he hauls Kayla to her feet by the hair, using her like a puppet before slapping her into his dreaded Sleeper Hold.  Kayla is barely responsive, gasping as her eyes roll before quickly slipping back into unconsciousness.  Sleeperkid throws her over his shoulder and carries her around the mat for a moment, indulging in a little limp play, before propping her against the wall for a series of brutal belly punches.  Kayla’s slackened mouth gapes and gasps while her closed eyes flutter, then takes a running knee lift to the belly, falling to the floor ass-up once again.
Sleeperkid then rolls her onto her back before hitting a series of belly splashes, driving even more air from Kayla’s lungs while she can only grunt and gasp, comatosely flailing under the assault, before being dragged to her feet for a crushing bear hug. Kayla’s eyes roll into her head as her tongue lolls out, before at last going limp, carried around the mats like the ragdoll she is before being dumped, twitching, on the mat once again. As Sleeperkid attempts a fold-over pin, Kayla is so limp that she flips right into his lap, her ass pressed against him, so he has to try again, folding her into a matchbook pin for a ten-count pinfall.
Kayla finds herself hauled back to her feet, whimpering half-consciously before being scooped up for a devastating set of body-slams that leave her spasming on the mat before Sleeperkid slides in for another ten-count pin.  Not finished yet, Sleeperkid pulls her up to sitting, then wraps her into a painful seated full nelson, Kayla’s slack drooping mouth open as she twitches in his grip, legs kicking before he hooks her elbows together with his legs, rolling her to drive her head into the mat over and over.
As Sleeperkid’s toy, Kayla is humiliated and punished over and over, being subjected to belly punching, Fireman’s Stunners, Figure Four Leg-locks, limp play, Figure Four head-scissors, Stunners, piledrivers, a powerbomb and humiliating pinning poses, only able to gasp and twitch helplessly under the assault.
Torture Racks
Sleeper Hold
Rag Doll
Rolled Eyes
Hanging Tongue
Belly Splashes
Figure Four
Full Nelson
Leg Hook Head Driver
Dragon Sleeper
Fireman’s Carry
Over The Shoulder Carry
Bear Hugs
Knocked Out
Camel Clutch
Ten Count Pins
Limp Play
Tombstone Piledriver
Small package Piledriver
Body Slams
Male Dom

Length: 38 min

Price: 29.99