After a brutal defeat at the hands of Anne-Marie (with Sumiko’s help), Austynn challenges the lovely Japanese fighter to a one on one pro battle!   Sumiko cuts Austynn of during a pre-match rant, however, and starts pummeling the rookie’s belly against the wall and wearing her down bit by bit.  Sumiko uses a throat choke, cartwheel wall splash KO, a series of handstand splashes (KO), knee strikes to the face, face kicks, a snap kick to the face KO, a torture rack, sleeper hold KO, suplexes (KO), a flying neckscissors takedown KO, a fireman’s stunner KO, piledriver KO, and a tombstone piledriver KO!

Satisfied, Sumiko goes for the final pin…but Austynn manages to kick out at the last MILLISECOND!   Frustrated and beyond pissed, Sumiko goes for another tombstone…one that Austynn manages to REVERSE!!!   She plants Sumiko’s skull into the mats, knocking her out instantly.  An exhausted Austynn goes for the pin but collapses out cold on top of her opponent before she can finish it.  Minutes later we see her come to and slowly regain her strength.  Furious, she tortures Sumiko with the following:

knees to the belly
super kick / sweet chin music KO
multiple leg drops to the throat KO
power slam KO
Instant Replays
SUPER STUNNER / sleeper hold KO
and a final matchbook pin…

…one that Austynn almost finishes, but a boot from ANNE-MARIE stops her cold!!!

Anne traps Austynn in a sudden TOMBSTONE piledriver and drops her like a stone, dragging her best friend Sumiko’s body on top of the sleeping teenager for the pin and the win!

Austynn Madison…betrayed and robbed for a second time????   Yes.

But this story is far from over…



Length: 20 min

Price: 17.99