In part one of a kickass trilogy, we focus on the lovely Austynn Madison, pro rookie and SKW first-timer…determined to impress the fans with a solid win on the mats!  Austynn takes on the one and only Anne-Marie in this multi-fall pin / NHB competition but Anne takes control earlier, punishing Austynn with belly blows against the wall.  Austynn grabs Anne’s hair and tosses her into the wall, returning the favor.  Austynn dominates Anne with a sleeper hold KO, a near pin, and a tombstone piledriver KO for the first pin point!!!

The rest of the match (spoilers below):

round 2: Anne reverses a sleeper with a chinbuster and lands a barrage of belly splashes until Austynn is OUT!  Anne isn’t done, however, standing Austynn up and attacking with a flurry of elbow strikes to Austynn’s face, followed by a massive kick to the face KO!  Anne stands the groggy Austynn up and delivers a sit-down SUPER STUNNER for the KO and the belly-splash-assisted pin!

round 3: Anne starts of strong with some belly attacks, going for a tombstone KO…but Austynn wriggles and REVERSES it, landing Anne on her head for a KO!  Anne stuns Austynn with a few belly blows and goes for another piledriver but Austynn turns it into a reverse piledriver KO.  She goes for the pin but Anne somehow kicks out!  Frustrated, Austynn nails a hang man that turns into a WIDOW’S PEAK for the KO and pin!

round 4: Anne stuns Austynn with a belly kick and delivers a stalling neckbreaker KO and goes for the pin but Austynn kicks out.  Anne delivers a brutal kick out DDT and goes for another failed pin.  Angry, Anne delivers an OFF THE WALL BULLDOG KO that finally does it.  Anne gets the pin and wins the round!

round 5: Both girls seem exhausted and start to wear each other down with belly blows.  They go back and forth until a double stunner lays them both out!   They come to before the count out and attack, with Anne trapping Austynn in a tombstone piledriver…but Austynn locks in an upside down neckscissors!  Anne falls, knocking Austynn out, but also falls KO’ed into a body pile.  SK counts them both out…and we go on to the final round!

Sudden Death Bonus Round:  the ladies are tired but determined.  Anne-Marie traps Austynn in a tight sleeper that sends her down and out.  Austynn kicks out of a pin, however, and reverses the action.  She delivers a chickenwing DDT that levels Anne-Marie!   Anne kicks out of the pin at the last second and pisses Austynn off.  She nails Anne with a vicious chair shot KO, then uses the chair to sit down across Anne-Marie’s throat for a long and intensely brutal KO!  To add insult to injury, Austynn lands THREE brutal chair shots to Anne’s unconscious skull!  She goes for the pin…but we see a figure suddenly run in and stomp Austynn across the back.  It’s SUMIKO, and she’s sick of watching this rookie devastate one of her closest friends!  She slams the steel chair into Austynn’s face, knocking her out and dragging Anne-Marie’s body over hers for a final 10 count pin!

The winner (due to a Sumiko run in): ANNE-MARIE…

But this story ISN’T OVER.

(includes outtakes)



Length: 20 min

Price: 17.99