After taking two devastating losses to Sumiko and Anne-Marie, an enraged Austynn Madison delivers a frustrated message to the SKW cameras, demanding a fair fight between either wrestler…all while BOTH devious ladies sneak up and ATTACK!  Austynn doesn’t stand a chance to their initial attack, with Sumiko and Anne-Marie delivering some truly devastating moves and KOs…including:

2 on 1 suplexes to a KO
multiple leg drops to a KO
post KO attacks
belly attacks
flying knees to the gut
double standing throat / boot choke KO
multiple wall splashes to a KO
double bow and arrow stretch
torture rack with hairpulling
torture rack punch to the face KO combo
multiple sleeper hold KOs
2 on 1 stunner
x 3 back to back DROPKICKS with 3 kicks to the FACE!
double heart punch
double rope choke out
x 2 piledriver KOs
twitching / convulsing
x 2 TOMBSTONE piledriver KOs!
2 on 1 pin…

The girls go for their pin but Austynn somehow kicks out at 9!!!  Enraged, both Anne-Marie and Sumiko taunt the fallen Austynn…only to stomp her and set her up for a brutal double suplex: one designed to send Austynn slamming into the wall!  Austynn uses her strength to reverse it, however, leading to a brutal swing out DOUBLE DDT!  Anne-Marie and Sumiko are OUT COLD as the exhausted Austynn slowly makes her way to their bodies, delivering a flurry of elbow strikes to keep them down!

Austynn slowly stands the girls up and picks Sumiko up in a piledriver position, walking her over to Anne-Marie, who grabs Sumiko in a confused and dazed state.  Before she can realize that she has Sumiko in a perfect piledriver position, Austynn kicks her knee out from behind, making her DROP like a stone!  Anne-Marie TOMBSTONES her partner, horrified as Austynn delivers a massive kick to the chest that lays her out cold!   Both ladies are unconscious…and Austynn goes for her final pins, and some well-deserved victory poses.

THE WINNER:  Austynn Madison!



Length: 23 min

Price:  18.99