(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

Attack of the Killer Vs

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Length: 45 mins

Price: $29.99

Starring:  Lady Victoria, Vanessa Harding and Serena

Hey guys, don’t look at me. I was trying to set up a neat three way battle between some beautiful and talented wrestlers (Serena, Lady Victoria, and Vanessa Harding). I honestly wanted a fair, balanced, and equal pound-for-pound wrestling match, where one lady would stand triumphant in the end (after a hell of a show)…

Well…how was I supposed to know that Lady Victoria was Vanessa’s friend AND TRAINER? How was I supposed to know that they secretly formed an alliance in order to make an example out of an unsuspectng SKW girl? Don’t look at me, guys… I just ran the camera!!!

So we get to see Serena deliver a sweet and optimistic pre-match interview, only to be followed by Victoria and Vanessa, pretending to hate each other’s guts, only to shake hands, laugh, and announce their intentions. The match starts, and when Serena attempts to shake her opponents’ hands, they laugh and push her around like a chew toy (The pros wear boots…Serena’s barefoot. She should have seen this coming!). Lady Victoria picks the poor girl up and nails a brutal over the knee backbreaker…and thus the torture begins!

Serena endures submission after submission, KO after KO, as the two seasoned pros tear her apart, pinning her lifeless body over and over, taunting her mercilessly, and taunting the ladies at SKW.

“Sleeperkid knows how to pick ‘em..” Lady Victoria sarcastically quips, as Vanessa piledrives the poor blonde (her first piledriver ever! One of SIX PILEDRIVERS total in this video!), leaving her twitching on the mat.

At one point, however, Serena manages to land a double low blow, and pounds both women with kicks, stomps, and chokes…but it’s hard to keep control when you have 2 pros against you, and she’s soon overcome by a Lady V sneak attack. What happens next is a TRUE surprise…as Vanessa goes to slap a trapped Serena (being held by Victoria), only to have the blonde duck at the last second.

WHAPPP!!! The slap catches Victoria in the face, and a berserker rage emerges that leaves not one but TWO jobbergirls out cold on the mat!!!!!

So many holds/moves in this video, folks… Here are just a few you’ll see, including some 2 on 1 tactics that we believe have never been seen…till now!

Holds and tactics used include:

Double sleeper holds

Belly attacks

Kicks, stomps, elbow drops

Camel clutches

Boston crabs

Sleeper holds galore

Body slams

Tombstone and Pull-up piledriver KOs (SIX PILEDRIVERS)

Body stretches (2 on 1)

Hair pulls (Boots on hair)

Blind sleepers

Double arm locks

Ab claws

figure four leg scissors/figure four headscissors COMBO (KO)

Grapevine pins

Matchbook pins

Leghook pins

KO pileup

COMBO camel clutch/Boston crab!

Leglocks and stomps

Combo: Headscissors/sleeper double KO

Combo: STF /head scissors

OTS backbreaker

OTK backbreaker

Airplane spin

Hand choke

Wall punches

Double piledriver pile-up finisher

Inner thigh stomps

Head butts to the abdomen

and more!