(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



The future is now and the series continues… Atemi, the SKW universe flagship video game based character series, is back and bubbling with excitement. We fade in on the gorgeous Sumiko standing guard outside in her usual Atemi garb, unaware that her arch rival, the beautiful Eden, is close by. With a devious smile curling on her face and the understanding that she has the opportunity to get the drop on Sumiko, Eden steps out from the trees and begins the searing hot conflict with a bang. Per usual, these two battle it out in a stunning display, with stealth and assassin techniques that leaves each combatant dazed and confused.

Sumiko doesn’t notice that Eden slowly creeps up behind her, and before she has an opportunity to, Eden clamps an HOM on her rival. Sumiko struggles to breathe as her eyes roll back and we watch as the life force drains from the beautiful wrestler, giving Eden enough time to casually walk around and punch Sumiko in the belly, knocking her out cold. Eden tosses Sumiko over her shoulder and walks off. Round one to Eden.

But Sumiko would not be outdone, as round two starts with Eden on guard, her confidence brimming because of her holstered gun by her side. However… a holstered weapon cannot help if you can’t hear your assailant coming as Sumiko moves in to return the favor. She slaps an HOM on her target and enjoys watching Eden’s struggle to fill her lungs. Eden can only fight for so long before her arms drop to her side and her head begins to wobble like a bobblehead, her body falling completely limp. Sumiko knocks the air out of Eden with a powerful belly punch and tosses her over her shoulder and walks on. Mark one victory for Sumiko.

In true Atemi, back and forth fashion, Sumiko now stands guard waiting for whatever battle arrives at her doorstep. Which comes quicker than Sumiko would probably have hoped as she feels Eden’s arm wrap around her throat and powerfully squeeze it like a constrictor around its prey. Sumiko fights, chokes and scratches but it’s not enough… her eyes roll back in her head as she feels the pressure on her windpipe sending her off to dreamland. Just before she goes out, Eden releases the chokehold and sends a whopping punch to her opponent’s belly. Sumiko tumbles limp to the ground, allowing Eden to pose victoriously over her choked out rival’s unconscious body. Eden… Victory number two.

And now… it’s Sumiko’s turn, as we see Eden arrogantly waiting for her opponent to show up as she feels she has taken a commanding lead in the match. A hole definitely too deep for her opponent to climb out of, but Sumiko shows her grit and tenacity as she sneaks up from behind and locks in a powerful sleeperhold, crushing the neck of her opponent. Eden chokes as her eyes open wide and her tongue sticks out, and is eventually out cold. Sumiko ends this round with a thumping belly punch, pushing out what little air remains in Eden’s lungs and sending her crumbling to the ground unconscious. Sumiko looks at the face of her unconscious opponent with the hopes of leaving her an invaluable lesson on the inherent dangers of overconfidence.

The back and forth action of this assassin style Atemi match does not stop from the very beginning, as these two stunning wrestlers, at the very top of their game, knock each other out with pistol whips, neck chops, belly punches, knockout spray, kicks to the head, syringe attacks, more HOM knockouts and plenty of OTS carries after victory. Administered knockout gas, tandem knockouts, tight sleeperholds, temple pressure point knockouts, nerve pinches, armbar chokes and thunderous low blows leave both Eden and Sumiko (and the viewer) gasping for breath.

Another installment of epic proportions in the Atemi series, the beatdowns and knockouts suffered by both combatants are beautifully crafted for the viewer’s enjoyment. Sumiko and Eden’s unrelenting assault on one another is sure to crown a victor in this rivalry once and for all, but only time will tell who will ultimately come out on top in this marvel of beauty and skill.


Length: 26 min
Price: 22.99