(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Agents Eden, wearing a leatherette bodysuit with matching boots and black gloves and hose, and Sumiko, dressed as Chun Li, are bitter rivals who have been given a chance to work out their differences with a final battle, with the winner taking away a promotion.  The fight begins with Eden abruptly sneak attacking Sumiko with a hard shot to the belly, winding her hard enough to double her over, as Eden scoops her up into an over the shoulder carry, declaring victory with a few swats to Sumiko’s rounded butt.

The next round opens with Eden searching for Sumiko in the kitchen. As she calls out for her adversary, Sumiko sneaks in the door behind her and fires her fist into Eden’s unprotected belly. Eden wobbles, out on her feet with her eyes rolling as Sumiko returns the favor of hoisting Eden onto her own shoulder, paying back the butt swats with a few of her own.

In round 3, Sumiko is in the living rooms, wondering where Eden could be. As she ponders, Eden stealthily sneaks up behind and slaps her gloved hand over Sumiko’s mouth, smothering her. Sumiko’s’ eyes cross and roll as she struggles for breath, but Eden thinks it’s taking too long, so she opts to punch Sumiko in the belly, knocking her out on her feet.  Hauling Sumiko over her shoulder, Eden wonders what to do with her prey, before dumping Sumiko onto a nearby couch.  Sumiko begins to come around but Eden is ready with another brutal fist to her belly, knocking Sumiko out cold.

In the next round, Eden gloats about Sumiko being afraid of her, missing that Sumiko is sneaking up behind her. She grabs Eden’s hand and slaps it over her own mouth, holding it in place as Eden smothers herself. Her eyes roll and cross as she struggles, fading, but not quickly enough for Sumiko. She fires a stiff shot into Eden’s belly, knocking her out, then drags her to the nearby couch, flopping her over it. As Eden begins to show signs of life, Sumiko fires a stiff fist into her belly to render her unconscious.
Round 5, as Sumiko wanders into the parlor, looking for Eden. Not finding any sign of her rival, she sits herself in a plush chair, figuring Eden is afraid to face her, but willing to wait till she shows herself. Eden then slides out from behind a large plant behind Sumiko, stalking up behind her and winding a rope around Sumiko’s throat, strangling her.  Sumiko thrashes and struggles, her eyes bulging and crossing as her tongue flops, gasping for breath. Slowly Sumiko fades away, but Eden speeds things up with a hard shot to her belly, knocking her out. She takes time for a little limp play, before Sumiko begins to comes around.  Another shot to the tummy knocks her out, though, as Eden picks up the victory.

Now it’s Eden’s turn to search the parlor, making sure to look behind the plant.  Satisfied Sumiko is nowhere to be found she sits to wait. From behind the chair Sumiko rises, rope in hand. In a flash she yanks it around Eden’s throat and the leggy brunette thrashes and spasms.  Her eyes bug and roll as she tries to breathe, but the rope is wound tight. Soon Eden is fading, but Sumiko has a belly punch for her, silencing Eden as she flops limp in the chair.  Plucking at her legs and arms, Sumiko indulges some limp play, but Eden soon moans as she comes to.  Another fist buried into Eden’s belly puts an end to that, knocking her out cold.

Round and round the two combatants go, trading victories as they surprise attack each other with mutual smothers, chloroform, mutual belly punches, neck chops, Sai pressure attacks, spanking, shoulder carries stabbing and more, winner takes all.
Remember to stay tuned for out-takes and alternate endings!

Chun Li
Belly Punching
Eye Rolling
Eye Crossing
Self Smothering
Neck Chops
Pressure Attacks
Over the Shoulder
Knock Outs
Knock Out Gas
Sneak Attacks
Double Knock Outs
Face Down Butt Up
Belly Kicking
Winner: Sumiko

Length: 24 min
Price: 18.99