(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



This Super-Becca/Bat-Tracy team-up adventure begins with Becca waking to meet a new day, musing about who will require Supergirl’s help that day.  She doesn’t have much time to ponder, however, as Miriya suddenly appears behind her armed with a Kryptonite shard.  Becca struggles, weakened by the green crystal, her eyes crossing and rolling as she sinks against Miriya, fading into unconsciousness.  Miriya grabs her arms and drags her off…
Tracy is fast asleep after a long night of crime-fighting, as Miriya sneaks into her bedroom.  Pausing to stroke her face, she wakes Tracy, who mistakes her for her sweetie.  She is quickly disillusions as Miriya puts her into a sleeper hold.  Tracy struggles and writhes as her eyes roll, slowly fading out before flopping back down onto the bed, unconscious

Batgirl and Supergirl lie unconscious, Batgirl’s head pillowed on Supergirl’s stomach, her butt high in the air, with the Kryptonite close by, wearing bikini versions of their respective costumes.  Supergirl slowly comes around, dazedly waking as Batgirl also comes to.  Slowly they recall being knocked out, trying to figure out who has done this too them, still groggy from being knocked out.  Suddenly there is a hiss of noise, and they realize the room is being filled with knock out gas.  Stumbling, trying to keep each other on their feet, their eyes roll and flutter as the gas takes effect.  They try to escape but collapse in another pile, Surgery splayed out over Tracy’s belly.
In walks Miriya, gloating over the fallen heroines, cackling about having both of them as toys to play with.  Play she does, flopping their arms and legs, flipping Supergirl’s’ cape over to display her bikinied bottom.  The crime fighters slowly come to again, mumbling and slurring while Miriya waits.  They’re no sooner back to sitting when Miriya clubs them both, their eyes popping wide before they roll and cross once more, then collapse down the floor once again.  Miriya takes some time to remove Batgirl’s boots, teasingly playing with her feet.  When Batgirl comes around slowly, Miriya pounces, gripping her around the neck while she presses one of her own heels into her temple, applying pressure as Batgirl’s eyes cross hard. She struggles but can’t overcome the attack, flopping back down to the floor.

Now Miriya wants to play with Supergirl, bring her around only to take her cape and choke her with it, twisting the fabric as Supergirl’s tongue lolls out of her mouth, gasping for breath as her eyes flutter.  Soon she’s knocked out once again, collapsing.

Miriya takes the Kryptonite to a nearby ring, making sure to place it on the mat.  She then grabs Supergirl and Batgirl by the hair, hauling them to the feet and rolling them over the second rope, capes flipped over to expose their backsides.  Climbing into the ring, she sizes up her wobbly targets, woozy from the knockouts, their faces dangling over the ring, then charges, delivering twin punches to their skulls.  The heroines’ eyes bug and cross as they feel the effects of the impact, dangling helplessly by the ring-rope, before flopping over in unison, knocked out once again. Miriya flops their arms to be sure they’re unconscious, and then dumps each girl all the way into the may, their limp bodies flopping down hard.

She wakes Supergirl with a stomp to the belly, before hauling her, stumbling, to her feet, throwing her into a corner.  Fist after fist buries itself in Supergirl’s exposed belly as she can only grunt and gasp, barely conscious on her feet.  Miriya then claws her belly, making Supergirl howl in pain, before her eyelids begin to flutter. As her eyes roll, she finally fades out from the pain, dangling by her arms.

Next it’s Batgirl’s turn for a belly stomp, and she too is hauled to her feet, barely conscious, and thrown into a corner.  Miriya unloads a series of belly punches into Batgirl’s tummy, making her buck and spasm, air being driven from her lungs from the repeated blows.  Her tongue flops from slack lips as the assault continues before Miriya buries her fist hard, holding it in place as Batgirl’s eyes bug and cross, before she finally fades away once more.
Hearing Supergirl rousing, Miriya gleefully grabs her from the corner as Supergirl calls out for Batgirl woozily.  Anxious to reunite the pair, she throws Supergirl into the corner Batgirl is dangling in, making her inadvertently body splash into the dazed belly of her teammate. The two writhe against each other, dazedly wobbling on their feet before Miriya grabs Supergirl by the cape, yanking her back into the middle of the ring for another whip into the corner, crashing into Batgirl hard enough to rebound back, wobbling unsteadily on her feet as her eyes flutter and cross.  Batgirl stumbles out of the corner, almost out on her feet, her crossed eyes wide as she mumbles gibberish, before both heroine’s collapse onto the mat, Batgirl’s head landing squarely into Supergirl’s belly, both knocked out cold.

Miriya checks them with a little more limp play, gloating over her fallen toys. She then steps back, taking aim before flying through the air, landing on both girls with a tremendous belly splash, making them gasp hard as the air is driven out of their lungs, making their eyes roll.  Cackling gleefully, she delivers another, then another, the girl’s cheeks puffing on impact before their eyes flutter close again.

Miriya continues the fin, dragging Batgirl by the cape and dangling her over the second rope, then grabs Supergirl and does the same.  She then leans in, choking both girls with the ring rope as their tongues dangle out over their mouth, faces going red.  Batgirl spies the green shard, and dazedly flicks at it with a dangling arm, and the Kryptonite falls off the mat and down onto the floor.  Suddenly Supergirl feels her powers and strength returning.  Still dangling over the rope, she plays possum while Miriya checks on Batgirl, flopping her legs to assure herself she’s been knocked out again, then does the same with Supergirl’s.

Miriya hauls Batgirl to her feet and whips her into the ring corner once again, as Batgirl can only flop semi-consciously. Taking careful aim, Miriya fires a fist into Batgirl’s jaw, knocking her out and dangling by the ropes. She comes back to retrieve Supergirl, who is fully awake and smirking, but Miriya can’t see her face.  Allowing herself to be hauled up by the hair and thrown in the corner, Supergirl bides her time until Miriya tries to throw a haymaker.  Easily catching Miriya’s fist, crushing it with her super strength, driving Miriya to her knees, then yanking her up and putting her in a super sleeper hold. Now it’s Miriya’s turn to gasp and struggle, her tongue dangling as her eyes bug wide open.  Quickly she fades out, slumping against the maid of might before dropping to the mat.

Supergirl checks on Batgirl, bring her around.  Now that the tables are turned, they discuss what to do with her. Batgirl wants to take her to the police, but Supergirl wants a little payback first.
They surround the villainess, delivering twin belly stomps to wake her up. Hauling her to her feet, they play a little game of tennis, punching Miriya back and forth between them, making her stumble back and forth a few times before collapsing to the mat.   The heroines remove their capes, and Batgirl removes her mask.  They line up on either side of her, facing away until Miriya comes to, then charge back, crushing Miriya’s skull between their butts.  You can almost hear the tweety birds as Miriya’s eyes cross and roll before she collapses.

Not done yet, they rouse her once more, hauling her to her knees, then Batgirl delivers a series of swift kicks to her face, dazing her, then delivering a double chop to her neck, making her collapse to the ground.  Then Supergirl hauls her back to her feet, placing her on top of the ring corner and then firing a series of super belly punches (at only 10% power) that leaves Miriya gasping, before hauling her off into a super bearhug.  Eager to help out, Batgirl adds some choking for good measure as Miriya tongue flops and lolls around, her eyes rolling.  Before long she fades out.

The heroines drag her over the ropes, winding her arms around the top rope to keep her in place, but Miriya still has a little life in her yet, woozily trying to shake off the daze.  The crime fighting colleagues decide one last team effort is called for, clasping hands together to deliver a double uppercut that nearly flips Miriya over the ropes, then dangles, knocked out.

Batgirl leaves to retrieve her Batmobile as Supergirl hauls Miriya over her shoulder, pausing to give her rounded butt a good pat before carrying her off to see the Commissioner

Knock Outs
Face Punching
Eye Rolling
Eye Crossing
Belly Stomping
Limp Play
Clothing Removal
Body Splashes
Knock Out Gas
Tongue Dangling
Belly Punching
Sleeper Holds


Length: 28 min

Price: 21.99