April Flowers has come to SKW to make her mark, deciding to take on a “big name” to establish herself as a serious contender, figuring she’d “start at the bottom” with a wrestler who just loses and loses.  Sparrow, listening from the back, can take no more and comes out to confront April, claiming that she’s minutes away from going for the title belt and is definitely no loser.  She accepts the contest, however, to get it out of the way.

The girls’ stand back to back for the count down, but April blindsides Sparrow with a shove to the wall before the countdown finishes, rushing her and laying into her with a brutal series of belly punches and leave Sparrow wobbling and cross-eyes before exploding the air from her with a set of running knee lifts into the helpless blonde.  Sparrow collapses on the mat, her ass high in the air, giving April a chance to hand smother her, making her eyes cross and roll as Sparrow fades away, knocked out and limp.
A belly claw brings her back around as April rolls her onto her back, wrapping her into a tight camel clutch, making her thrash and whimper, her back bowing brutally.  Her eyes cross once again before fluttering shut, the pain causing her to pass out.

April hauls her back to her feet and lifts her into a reverse bearhug, cinching the hold in and swinging the diminutive diva like a rag doll, wide eyes crossing and tongue rolling out of her mouth until once again she fades into unconsciousness.

There’s no mercy as April punishes Sparrow with leg drops, sleeper holds, choke holds, hair choking, head scissors, belly clawing, kneeling head scissors, triangle head scissors, cobra clutches, banzai drops, head vices, bearhug, rear naked chokes, and finally choking her out with a chain, leaving her sputtering and drooling before hooking her up for an easy pinfall.  As a final insult April puts a foot on Sparrow’s belly and gives a victory pose.

Pro Style
Squash Match
Belly Punching
Knee Lifts
Eye Crossing
Tongue Rolling
Hand Smother
Camel Clutch
Reverse Bearhug
Head Scissors
Triangle Head Scissors
Banzai Drop
Head Vice
Rear Naked Choke
Chain Choke
Hair Choke


Length: 20 min
Price: 15.99