A pre-interview shows off Angelina’s cockiness as she laughs at Alex’s recent challenge to a best of 3 KOs battle. After all, she says, she once beat the living crap out of both Devon AND Alex…so how is one of them going to stand a chance? We fade into the battle, destined to be shocked as Alex strikes a crippling belly blow, leaving Angelina open to a sudden barrage of holds and KOs that can only be described as 2005′s biggest upset! Among the painful tactics Alex uses to destroy the Latin beauty are belly blows, stomps, jujigitame armlock, camel clutch, Lotus leglock (AKA: leg nelson), a bodyscissors/sleeper KO, STF, Body Splash KO, and a final figure four neckscissors KO that leaves Angelina out for the night, open and available for a final pin and victory pose This one is a must see for Angelina and Alex fans!

Length: 13 min 39 sec

Price: $10.99