After losing to the adorable Austynn Madison in a previous battle, Andrea Rosu plans some serious vengeance, catching Austynn off guard as she boasts to SK about her win.  She chloroforms the youngster, keeping her barely conscious as she proceeds to take her apart all OVER the SKW mat room!!!


multiple KOs
convulsing, twitching
chloroform KO
sleeper hold KO
wall slam
belly punishment
hand choke
wall splashes to a KO
belly splashes to a KO
post KO splashes
over the knee backbreaker
single hand blood choke KO
leghook pin
THREE X-Factor KOs
reverse neckscissors
reverse figure four neckscissors KO
heart punch double strike KO
jumping skull punch drooling KO
fireman’s stunner KO
snap kicks to the face
superkick KO
chain around fist punches to the face
forced dog collar walk around the mat room
forced collar chokeout with drool
TOMBSTONE piledriver with drool
final extended chain chokeout
matchbook pin



Length: 25 min

Price: 19.99