(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A match has been scheduled between Pandora and Serena with Willow as the referee. As Willow is busy chatting to an associate of hers, she’s approached by each competitor with a bribe to get an edge over the other. With the funds being raked in from each party, it’s up to her to decide how the match will proceed and how each player’s bid will influence the outcome of the match before her dinner date later on.

Sleeperhold-based match pops off with a tie up from the ladies and Pandora gets the advantage by slamming Serena into the wall. A barrage of belly punches softens up Serena for a snapmare to flip her down to the mats. Pandora pursues with a few belly splashes before encasing Serena in the first sleeperhold of the match. Serena tries to fight her way out but the strangling submission renders her lifeless in no time. Willow counts the knockout with limb checks giving Pandora the green light to go for a 10-count single leg hook pin. Pandora is granted the first fall and poses over a twitchy Serena.

Serena gets the momentum in the next round as she constricts Pandora in a rib-crunching bearhug. Willow stands by the wayside, sipping her drink as the neutral party amongst the dirty players. Squeezed of most of her energy, Pandora hits the mats and Serena continues punishing her midsection with belly splashes. Pandora is then lifted into a sleeperhold and squeezed till she’s red in the face. Serena cranks and cinches, making sure Pandora won’t be able to fight back and gets her first 10-count single leg hook pin of the match.

The next begins with Pandora landing a belly kick to Serena, then slowly sapping her strength with a frontal sleeperhold. The head lock takes its time taxing Serena of her energy until she’s face down in a derri “air” pose and twitching. Spanks incite Serena to make a move but she’s totally out of it, which grants Pandora the window to clamp on a lethal sleeperhold. As Serena is on the ropes, she signals for Willow’s assistance, but Willow plays the sidelines as she’s game to assist both wrestlers. Pandora’s squeezing and jerking sends Serena further into a comatose state and Willow confirms the KO. A 10-count leg locking matchbook pin leads to another point for Pandora alongside a victory pose.

Serena takes initiative in the next round as a boot to the stomach doubles Pandora over. A stunner leaves Pandora dozing, then Serena transitions to a reverse headscissor. Pandora goes beet red as the snug squeeze chokes her out, then a sleeperhold is applied to do her in. Willow uses a limb check to put Serena at ease, then reveals her true intentions by stripping down to her two-piece bikini and locking Serena in a sleeperhold of her own. Dumbfounded and strangled, Serena is unable to defend herself and conks out in Willow’s clutches. Willow then gets her own 10-count single leg hook pin on Serena, then puts Pandora in her crosshair.

Pandora suffers a similar fate as Willow’s sleeperhold chokes her out without much resistance. She’s left limp and pinned by the deceitful Willow, however Willow plans to follow up on her end of the bargain for both girls. She delivers by taking both competitors in her arms for a dual sleeperhold and knocking them out simultaneously. With both wrestlers completely out of it, she sets Pandora and Serena up to get pinfalls on each other as they remain limp. Each girl’s bribe comes into play as Willow evens the score between them, leaving them in a body pile as she paces away from the match and onto her scheduled dinner date to cash out on the dime of the foul players.

Belly punching
Belly splashes
Prolonged sleeperhold KOs
10-count single leg hook pins
Victory poses
Bearhug KO
Belly kick
Frontal sleeperhold KO
10-count leg locking matchbook pin
Stunner KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Face-squishing sleeperhold KO
Dual sleeperhold KO
10-count ragdoll pins
Body pile
Tongue protrusion
Eye rolling
Limb checks
Instant replay


Length: 28 min
Price: 27.99