(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We open up to Faith chit chatting on the phone to a girlfriend about a dinner date when she’s suddenly approached by Tilly McReese. The girls make their introductions and Tilly offers a little “under the table” encouragement to steer the match in her favor. With Faith craving a bigger dinner she rationalizes taking the dirty money and they hug it out to close the deal. Faith returns the call from the changing room and next she’s approached by Anne Marie, offering another devil’s deal for her services. A fat wad of cash convinces Faith to share similar interests and while she battles her ethics, her stomach won’t be empty afterward. We’re introduced to the threesome and Faith laying out the rules for their no DQ sleeperholds-based match. Sleeperhold knockouts and pinfalls are the decision makers for this bout. Faith briefly introduces the competitors and sets it off to let the wrestlers go at it.

Tilly and Anne wrap arms, tussling for prime position and Anne gains it by colliding Tilly with the wall. She aims for the abdomen with belly punches that drive the wind out of Tilly. Anne then brings Tilly to the center of the mats and dazes her with a stunner. With Tilly in a stupor on her knees, Anne clamps down with a sleeperhold and brings a frantically struggling Tilly to the mats. Tilly tries to tap before the nap, but it’s a no go in this match. Anne makes the vice tighter and Tilly’s words become nonsense as her blood flow is cut. Tilly goes in and out of consciousness as Anne cranks the sleeper numerous times to make sure Tilly is truly out. Faith confirms the knockout with the limb check, but Anne secures another sleeper against her adversary. Tilly barely has the fight to put up and is laid out handily. Anne continues to twist and squeeze at Tilly’s throat, alternating between wakeups and knockouts. Anne ends the torment with a single leg hook, 10-count pin and victory pose over Tilly.

In round two the ladies wrap up again and Tilly breaks it up with a knee to Anne’s midriff. Tilly then twists the arm and puts a boot to Anne’s throat, crashing to the mats and dropping Anne with an eat defeet slam. Anne writhes around giving Tilly ample time to execute a sleeperhold against her woozy foe. Tilly gets her just desserts with numerous sleepers, twists, and taunting that send Anne in and out of dreamland. Despite the successful limb check from Faith, Tilly comes the chokehold tight and churning. Anne doesn’t get a breather squeezed out and stirred awake. When Tilly finally decides she’s had enough, she closes out with a leglocking 10-count matchbook pin that scores her the W for this round. She flexes as she hits her pose and we fade into the 3rd round of the match as the tiebreaker.

Before Faith can get the countdown off, Anne prematurely applies a sleeper to Tilly. Tilly cries to Faith about the foul play hinting at their “deal”, but Faith intelligently plays it off. Anne whisks Tilly to the mats as she fades from the clenching submission. Tilly weathered breaths indicate her defeat and she faintly whispers as Anne puts her down. Anne applies more cranks and sleepers that weaken her rival and seemingly lets up. She gets Tilly to her feet only to apply the chokehold again. Tilly desperately calls out to Faith for help, but the tips give her incentive to remain a neutral party. Anne’s sleeper is countered with a sitout jawbreaker that rocks Anne and allows Tilly to lock in her own sleeperhold. Tilly drops further to the mats increasing her pressure and now it’s Anne’s turn to suffer.

With Anne in the endless look of waking and knockouts, Tilly takes pleasure in the damage she’s inflicting. Faith disarms Tilly by complimenting her technique as she strips off her referee shirt in the back. Faith then enters the mix as she fastens Tilly in her own sleeperhold, offering Anne a window to recover. With both of their cash in her possession, Faith sees it’s only right if both ladies avoid a loss by enforcing a draw. Tilly suffers the wrath of the twisting sleeperholds then Faith sets her sights on Anne. Anne tries to make sense of the situation, but before she can collect herself her throat is relentlessly squeezed by Faith. The twisting sleeperholds do a number on Anne and Faith leaves the competitors in a splayed body pile.

With the challengers out cold and stacked, Faith puts a palm on top of the exhausted pile and performs a 10-count pin to put the girls away. In comical fashion she stuffs each beauty’s bra with a small tip and encouragement to get back to training as they aren’t on her level. Faith then rushes off to get to her scheduled dinner and leaves the two strewn out and depleted.

Belly punching
Abundant sleeperhold KOs
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Eat defeet KO
Leg hook 10-count matchbook pin
Body pile w/ 10-count pin
Win poses
Instant replay
Limb checks

Length: 35 min
Price: 33.99