(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Back to back stand the lovely Lia Labowe and leggy Amo Morbia who’ve agreed to an all sleepers match type. Being cool with the terms, the girls make haste and get right to grappling for the upper hand. Amo establishes control by whipping Lia into the wall and laying into her abs with belly punches. Enjoying Lia’s grimace in pain, she snapmares her to the ground before working in a sleeperhold. Lia squirms around attempting an escape, but Amo holds tight with malicious intent. Lia tries to get leverage any way she can while resisting Amo’s quelling of her breaths. Amo comes out on top as she sensually and gradually lulls her to sleep. Lia eventually goes limp, then begins twitching as Amo checks her limbs. She tightens the cinch causing Lia to become reinvigorated, but only for a brief moment as the squeeze tops her off.

Amo scores a point but isn’t quite ready for the pin, so she jars Lia awake while keeping her locked in the sleeperhold. Amo compresses her throat nice and tight causing Lia to whimper and stir as she fights to free herself. Her eyes roll as she tries to control her stifled breaths. She softly pleads to Amo, but the jezebel is enamored with inflicting pain on sleeping beauty. Lia’s speech forms to murmurs and she wilts. She’s overcome with twitches granting Amo another point for her deeds. Amo awakens Lia with face taps and looms over her with a devilish smile. Lia begs for her to ease up while trying to wriggle away, but ends up snug in Amo’s next sleeperhold. Lia continues pleading as Amo hones in and it’s a long sensual submission for the enchantress to endure. Lia eventually passes out into light spasms and Amo scores her third point of the match. A single leg hook 10-count pin seals the round for Amo and she takes the lead, four to zero.

After Lia recovers, the pair resume a back to back start. Amo’s overconfidence costs her as Lia kicks it off with a couple strikes to her stomach and an x-factor KO. Lia gets her just desserts with a reverse guillotine choke that cuts Amo’s air off in technical fashion. Amo struggles to slither out but can’t slip from Lia’s tight clutch. Her eyes roll back and she violently shakes as the stranglehold works its magic. She gasps and gags as she slowly fades out and Lia tightens the hold to keep her awake. Amo tries to find the words for Lia to relinquish the hold, but she only emits soft clicks. She twitches in distress as Lia refuses to let up, but Lia must use a standard sleeperhold to score. She rouses her up and secures a tight sleeperhold, choking her into a groveling mess. Amo cries in pain and Lia can’t get enough of it. She tortures her with tightening and loosening of the submission and gets her first point off of a limb check.

She rudely jars her awake with a few slaps and gets right back to the chokehold. Amo is nearly smothered while choked as she slumps downward. Her words become gibberish as Lia squeezes her into delirium while scoring another point. More face slaps agitate Amo from her slumber and she tries to scramble away, only to end up tangled in the themed submission again. Lia narrates her foe’s demise while she coughs and gags. Amo twitches in the entrapment giving Lia the greenlight for a limb check, but Amo finds a second wind before the point is counted. She thrashes wildly as she tries to break free, however Lia maintains dominance with a tenser clutch across the throat. It’s lights for Amo and SK assists with the limb check resulting in another point for the runner up. A unique single leg hook 10-count pin grants her a tied score and win pose as we go into the next round.

The tiebreaker round commences with Lia’s foul play as she applies a sleeper before the countdown. Amo battles back with elbows to the ribs to break the hold and displays judo prowess with an arm flip to floor Lia. Amo continues the assault with a sleeperhold placing Lia in her deadly grip again. Lia steadily withers away the more she exerts to liberate herself. Amo revels in delight as Lia goes hazy and senseless. She becomes a sleepy and twitchy heap and Amo takes the lead with a successful limb check. Amo awakens her again, dragging her to the center for more asphyxiated pleasure. Lia beseeches for pity, but Amo’s thirst for power drowns her out. Lia becomes submissive as she’s helpless to fight back. Amo executes her coup de grace with a crushing squeeze turning Lia into a drooling and quivering damsel. The final limb check and pinfall capture the W for Amo and she poses victoriously over her fallen competitor.

Belly punching
Prolonged sleeperhold KOs
Single leg hook 10-count pins
X-factor KO
Reverse guillotine choke KO
Arm flip throw
Win poses
Limb checks
Twitching / convulsing
Alternate take


Length: 38 min
Price: 36.99