(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Our presence is “Graced” with Thick Mama Pump, Jordynne and the delectable Tilly McReese standing back-to-back. The pair agree to the conditions of their no holds barred, sleeperhold-focused match and it kicks off with Tilly gaining the advantage with a piggyback sleeperhold. Jordynne reverses by splashing Tilly against the wall then irish whipping her to the opposite side. She delivers a number of punches to Tilly’s belly before a snapmare to the center of the mats. She secures a sleeperhold on an alarmed Tilly who fights to break free, but only gasses herself out in Jordynne’s grasp. Jordynne’s powerful biceps envelop Tilly’s face and she’s out cold, ripe for a single leg hook 10-count pin to score the first fall.

The pair reset to neutral and then tie up. A knee to the gut drives the wind from Jordynne and she’s forced to the wall for more punishment in the form of belly punches. A softened Jordynne is whipped to the other wall and squished by a running splash causing her to collapse forward. Tilly scoops her up and locks in a sleeperhold that gradually wears down the professional. She ignores the unresponsiveness from the limb checks and opts to tighten her sleeperhold further, squeezing Jordynne to the point of defenseless twitching. SK’s concern eventually breaks through and Tilly releases before acquiring a single leg hook 10-count pin of her own.

The next round begins with an abrupt kick to Jordynne’s stomach into an x-factor. Tilly attempts to follow-up, but eats a low blow for her troubles alongside a snug sleeperhold. Tilly grows impotent from the powerful submission hold, dropping to her knees and soon into a derri “air” KO. Jordynne gets the dub with a couple cute win poses and a double leg hook 10-count pin to assure it.

Tilly makes haste starting the next round off with a low blow to an unaware Jordynne. She whips her around in a front headlock and plants her skull first with a snapping DDT. As Jordynne is busy counting stars Tilly fastens a sleeperhold across her throat and erodes her consciousness. Jordynne becomes too faint to break free, going out in Tilly’s hold to the point of senseless twitching. SK has to convince her to relinquish the hold and so she does. A single leg hook 10-count pin before a win pose gains the fall for the scantily clad queen.

Jordynne begins the next round at Tilly’s mercy again as she’s cinched in an early sleeperhold. She grows red as the pressure from Tilly’s squeeze exhausts her. The long submission faintly sends Jordynne to her knees where her fight completely wanes and she drops into a derri “air” KO. Tilly takes advantage of the no DQ ruleset as she strolls to the back for a steel chair. Jordynne is rolled over and suffers a chair shot to the skull that jars her awake. Tilly attempts to stand her up for more, but a boot to her midsection stuns her to stop the assault. Jordynne grows furious at Tilly’s cheating ways and gains possession of the chair herself before sending it crashing across Tilly’s face. Tilly attempts to keep her footing but melts to the floor as her brains are scrambled. Jordynne fastens a sleeperhold around her throat and Tilly’s consciousness fades as her blood flow is cut till the knockout. Jordynne scores the fall, but has agreed to increase the time limit to deliver a special form of justice to her sneaky opponent.

Jordynne splats Tilly against the wall and dishes a myriad of punches to her midriff. With her foe winded and reeling Jordynne applies another sleeperhold and Tilly panics from her dangerous predicament. She’s squeezed to sleep and Jordynne toys with the limp doll before opting for a belly splash to stir her awake. Jordynne locks in another sleeperhold and effortlessly constricts her to unconsciousness. She dishes out payback by repeatedly squeezing Tilly out over and over, but with proceedingly faster knockouts until finishing her with a 3-second sleeperhold. The final hold squishes the saliva out of Tilly as she gushes fluids before crumbling. Jordynne secures a double leg hook 10-count pin for the final fall as well as the victory. Jordynne garnishes her onslaught with a crushing bearhug that squashes the air from Tilly’s core. The lifeless dame is scooped for an over-the-shoulder carry and win poses to conclude the bout.

Piggyback sleeperhold
Belly punching
Prolonged sleeperhold KOs
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Wall splash
Low blows
Double leg hook 10-count pins
Snap DDT
Chair shots
Belly splash
Bearhug KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
Limb checks
Derri “air” KO pose
Win poses


Length: 25 min
Price: 23.99