(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Paris Love and Galas stand back-to-back in anticipation of their all out war of sleeperholds. Keen to get in the ring with a woman of Galas’ experience Paris jumped at the chance of a sleeper-focused match with the SKW virtuoso. The ladies agree to the terms and SK’s countdown sets off the smotherfest.

The pair tie up and Paris exhibits her grappling knowledge with a set of twisting hammerlocks for the upper hand. Galas is whipped into the wall and Paris aims for her savory midriff with numerous belly punches. Galas seeps deeper into a drunken daze as the belly shots leave her huddled and winded. Paris repositions her to the center of the mats for more stomach blows causing her voluptuous figure to gyrate from the impactful hits.

After driving all the wind from her victim, Paris locks in a sleeperhold to the already fading Galas. She soon sinks to her rear as she taps out in a frenzy, but Paris doesn’t let up as the temptress goes limp in her grasp gaining her the first point of the match. Paris maintains her advantageous position and uses a few face taps to revive her foe, then it’s right back to sleeper city for Galas. She helplessly kicks around and taps as she’s powerless to escape Paris’ imposing will. SK goes for a few limb checks and a lack of resistance ensures a second fall for Paris. Paris revives her again and traps her into another sleeperhold that gradually drains her of vitality. Galas’ struggle only leads to her demise as she exhausts herself in the snare. Once Galas is out cold, Paris transitions to a single leg hook 10-count pin.

The beauties resume a back-to-back position for the next round, but the fatigue is taking its toll on the SKW vet. As Galas favors her pained head, Paris dives for her waist for a midriff-squeezing bearhug. Galas’ cheeks puff out as the oxygen is squashed from her core. Once Paris releases the hold, she crashes to the mats to suffer more sleeperholds across the neck. She thrashes and submissively taps but her only choice is to fade away as Paris clutches with a killer’s intent. Galas is completely obliterated by her sizable opposition as she’s repeatedly put down by sleeperholds and awakened for more. The final sleeperhold truly does Galas in as drool gushes from her luscious lips and her pained grimaces fade to peaceful unconsciousness. Paris secures the final fall with a 10-count matchbook pin before a flex and boot on top of the stomach establish supremacy in this bout.

Belly punching
Sleeperhold KOs
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Bearhug KO
Matchbook 10-count pin
Limb checks
Instant replays
Win pose


Length: 22 min
Price: 19.99