(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



We open with Miss Rachel explaining to someone on the phone that the “job is done”, apparently having gotten a million in cash and jewels from some recent adventure.  In walks Eden, to confront her, stating that she’s here to collect her cut of the booty. As they squabble, tempers begin to flare, arguing over who contributed the most to their latest heist. Stepping in Miss Rachel explains that Eden should see this as a learning experience before dismissing her, resuming her conversation. Incensed, Eden suddenly leaps onto Rachel’s back, locking her arms around her head in a sleeper hold
Rachel grunts and staggers, her face going read as she wobbles unsteadily on her feet, but Eden holds on, until finally Rachel backpedals herself into the nearby wall, slamming Eden into it over and over. Tenaciously, Eden hangs on, refusing to release her grip, and Rachel staggers to one knee, her face darkening.  Before long she begins to fade out, slumping forward at last, knocked out. Eden leaps off, checking Rachel’s pockets for the money she’s owed, but finds nothing.  As Rachel slumbers, she begins to search the room, finally discovering a satchel, filled with all the cash and jewels.

Unfortunately, Rachel has come to and stalks Eden from behind while she’s distracted, and with malicious intent hauls her up into her own sleeper hold. Eden’s eyes roll and cross as she struggles to stay conscious, but the athletic amazon hold fast, and before long her legs get wobbly as she sinks to the floor, her eyes rolling back into her head until she flops forward, her ass thrust high in the air.
Rachel releases her and returns to the satchel, rummaging through it to check her loot, as she pulls out her cel to contact her employer.  She takes too long and Eden comes around, once again leaping onto her back from behind and wrapping her into a tight sleeper hold. She struggles and staggers, her face going beat red as she sinks to her knees, puffing and gasping desperately. At last she fades out, and slumps forward onto her face.  Eden silences the phone and collects the satchel, but as she’s about to talk away, Rachel trips her, sending her sprawling before climbing over her and once again wrapping her in a sleeper hold.  Finally, she subdues Eden, leaving her lying on the floor before retrieving her goods and making her escape out the room.

Outside, we see Rachel leaving the house, making a slow retreat, but Eden has come to and follows her, stalking her from behind.  One last time she hops onto the giantess’s back, wrapping her into a tight sleeper hold, hooking her ankles around her torso for good measure.  The exhausted Rachel staggers and stumbles on the lawn, desperately trying to flip Eden off of her back.  The scrappy scoundrel hangs on for dear life until Rachel at last collapses to the ground, knocked out.  For only one of these ladies will crime pay today.

Sleeper Holds
Rolling Eyes
Red Face
Crossed Eyes
Tit for Tat


Length: 16 min
Price: 14.99