Jessica Nova squares off against Helena in a Sleeper Hold only match in this SKW classic.

As the beauties square off, Helena gets the early advantage with a shot to Jessica’s belly, before flinging her into the wall for a series of belly punches and knee lifts, before pouncing on the staggering combatant with a seated sleeper hold, making her eyes cross as the pressure increases, before they flutter and roll, her body going still.  Picking up her first point, Helena stretches her for a 3-count pinfall

In round 2 Jessica is ready for Helena’s fist, ducking before she grabs her in a double leg take down that she turns into a wrenching Boston Crab. Helena tries to tap out, but the rules are strict and only sleeper holds count.  Before she can wriggle to escape, Jessica wraps her into a seated sleeper hold, pressing into her neck as Helena’s face reddens and her eyes cross, finally rolling back as Helena passes out. Jessica crawls over her picking up a three count pinfall and tying up the score.

The combatants go back and forth in this struggle, taking each other down with X factors, stunners, leg hook foot presses, belly punching, snap mares, and of course, sleeper holds until at last, Helena finds herself standing victorious after a truly brutal sleeper hold and victory pose

Pro Style
Sleeper Holds
Belly Punching
Knee Lifts
Boston Crab
X Factor
Snap Mares
Rolling Eyes
Crossed Eyes
Red Face


Length: 12 min

Price: 9.99