(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Tomiko and Andrea Rosu lie spent in a twitchy body pile from a recent encounter of back and forth knockouts amongst the babes. The first set begins with one locking the other in a smug standing sleeperhold, taking out their opposition and letting them hit the mats as an insensible heap. The attacker continues to impose on the poor victim with a follow up seated sleeperhold, choking them out for an ensured knockout. To put the bow on the gift the subdued victim is ended with neck snaps that send them into rapid convulsions, then lay them out on the mats. A flexing win pose by the victress follows soon after.

The second set of KOs the girls deal and endure is a seated rear headscissor clasped around the victim’s neck sending them into a desperate, stirring frenzy. After a potential knockout, the wrap is clenched harder and a rear headscissor neck snap is executed, sending the recipient into a guaranteed knockout. The unfortunate twitching jobber endures insult to injury when the assailant places their head between their ankles and torques for a twisting neck snap finisher. A foot-to-face victory pose is bestowed upon the loser.

A frontal sleeperhold is clasped tight as the oxygen is leached from the prey. The constant squirming only serves to tire the victim out faster as they go limp and the submission, then withstand a neck snap KO for their troubles, sending them into twitches. Of course that isn’t the end as the sadistic assaulter must deliver one more neck snap to ensure the deed is done before placing a foot on the rear of the derri “air” KO’d victim.

Tomiko and Andrea are in a race to destroy the other first as they trade a squeezing bearhug followed up by simultaneous neck snaps that leave them in a spasming body pile. With their last bits of energy they reach for each other’s faces and deliver another simultaneous neck snap double KO. SK checks the limbs and pulses of both and they’re out for the count.

Knives come into play as the girls go the stealth route approaching their target from behind and suppressing them with a throat slit. A neck stab sends them into convulsions and a stab to the head ends the target for good. With the mark taken out, the victress sits on top, flexing her muscle as the dominant woman.

Their techniques begin to differ as Tomiko forces a pleading Andrea against the wall and tortures her with the grazing touch of the blade. Tomiko silences Andrea with a stab to the jaw, easing her to her demise, then stabbing her in the throat as she sits vulnerable. Andrea gets revenge with a bodacious reverse facesit that Tomiko has zero chance to slip from. No amount of squirming can save her from the upcoming facesitting neck snap that puts her out with ease. A pulse check assures she’s done for and Andrea resumes the facesit for a win pose.

Gunplay enters the equation as the ladies enter a quick draw competition with Tomiko getting the better of Andrea. A rapid barrage sits Andrea against the wall and a final shot lays her out into convulsions. A triple tap eases the rapid jolts and Tomiko holsters the pistol to strike a win pose on Andrea who happens to resume twitching. Tomiko administers a neck snap to finish Andrea, then strikes another pose on top of her.

SK sneaks up on the duo in first-person and takes them down with a spray from his sub-machine gun. The girls lay side by side twitching on the verge of knockouts and SK tops them off with individual neck snaps. As they lie sprawled out, SK reaches up for his cleaning crew to acquire the thrashed agents.

Sleeperhold KOs
Seated sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Rear figure-four headscissor KOs
Rear figure-four neck snap KOs
Standing twisting neck snap KOs
Frontal sleeperhold KO
Frontal sleeperhold neck snap KO
Frontal neck snap KO
Frontal bearhug
Neck snap double KOs
Throat slit
Neck stab KOs
Head stab KOs
Reverse facesitting neck snap KOs
Pistol KO
SMG spray double KO
Limb checks
Body pile
Derri “air” KO poses
Pulse checks
Assorted victory poses
Instant replays


Length: 25 min
Price: 24.99