(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We’re immediately into the action as Buff Blondie asphyxiates Irene Silver with a seated rear sleeperhold. Irene grimaces and her lips flutter as she strives to maintain consciousness. She faintly flails within Blondie’s grasp and soon gasses out. Blondie tops her off with a neck snap drives her to jolting convulsions. Irene remains unresponsive to the limb check and Blondie places a dominant foot on her midsection as she flexes for a victory pose.

Irene returns the favor with her own sleeperhold that has Blondie writhing around in a tizzy. Blondie’s panicked breaths slow to a crawl till she’s limp in Irene’s lap. A neck snap forces the once content Blondie into wild convulsions. Irene halts her suffering with a second neck snap and Blondie slumps to the mats. A pulse check confirms it’s a wrap for Blondie and Irene plants her toes to her midriff for a triumphant pose.

Blondie wraps around Irene’s neck and arches her backward for a straining sleeperhold as she eases her into submission. Irene struggles, coughs, flutters, and swings as Blondie puts the hurt on her. Delicate whimpers and weathered breaths go quiet and her lights are put out with a twisting neck snap. Irene collapses to her knees and to her face to the mats as her ass kisses the sky, left convulsing helplessly as Blondie embraces her amazonian figure. Blondie executes a second neck snap putting Irene down for the count and halting the beats of her pulse. Blondie places a conquering foot on her rear as she displays her physique over her statuesque assailant.

Irene gets her revenge with a back arching sleeperhold that squeezes Blondie as she’s tipped off balance. Blondie is slowly worn down as Irene squeezes the fight out of her. Her body sways as her breaths become calm and Irene lulls her to sleep. A crunching neck snap sends Blondie to her knees, then onto her face as her cheeks point upward. She senselessly convulses as Irene feels over her beautifully toned body. Irene grows tired of the spasms and puts her out with a wrenching neck snap, causing her to softly writhe in her derri “air” pose before going completely limp. Irene puts a foot on her foe’s rear and poses extravagantly over her quelled competition.

Irene ends up in a dragon sleeper, putting great strain on her neck and back as she’s cranked backwards. She staggers about trying to keep her footing as she groans in agony. Eventually Blondie’s submissions steals her air, leaving her limp and catatonic in a contorted state. A hop and a squeeze puts a deadly crunch on Irene’s neck causing her to break out in spasms as she’s bent backward. Irene expends her remaining energy flailing and Blondie puts her out of her misery with a second hopping snap. Irene hits the mats softly twitching and Blondie goes in for the kill. A successive neck snap pushes Irene’s midriff to the ceiling as she arches in pain, then slaps the mats as her legs give out. Blondie then shows off a bicep as she plants two soles on Irene’s tits for a pretty win pose

Irene administers the same maneuver as she curls Blondie back for a dragon sleeper. Blondie jitters around trying to figure her way out of the predicament, but it’s too much for her to handle. Blondie claws at Irene’s shoulder, moaning in a desperate fit, but soon goes limp and dangling. A hopping snap makes Blondie spasm in a frenzy as she can barely stand. A second crack of the neck sends her drooping to the mats and writhing in distress. Irene’s final neck snap thrusts Blondie’s belly into the air as she violently convulses before thudding against the mats. A pulse check gives Irene the satisfaction she needs before posing in elation with her wiggling feet on Blondie’s chest.

After a wardrobe swap, Irene winds up trapped in Blondie’s frontal headscissor, twerking in agitation as Blondie squeezes shapely legs across her neck. Irene moans from the tight constriction, lips occasionally fluttering as Blondie steals her oxygen. Blondie arches back, snapping her neck and cursing Irene with gentle twitches. A second snap leaves Irene face down and vulnerable with her gorgeous canvas on display. Blondie flips her over and places a foot to her groin for a win pose.

Blondie’s on the receiving end Irene’s frontal headscissor and writhes around in anguish. Irene arches back in a straining bliss, putting the most pressure possible on Blondie’s weakening throat. It’s lights out for Blondie and a successful limb check give’s Irene the green light for two splintering neck snaps. The first sends Blondie into excruciating convulsions while the second sprawls her out. Irene flips her over and repays the foot-to-groin win pose.

Irene stands in a daze with her chin in Blondie’s grasp. Shots to the face stagger Irene backward in a stupor and Blondie positions for a deadly right. Irene’s neck snaps to the side, her eyes roll back, she secretes like a fountain, and she helplessly convulses as she stands. A light shove to the chest sends Irene crashing to the mats where she lightly twitches in spread eagle. Blondie puts her away with a follow up neck snap that forces her midriff to the ceiling before her movements cease. Blondie claims her stomach with a victory pose.

Irene’s chance at fisticuffs sees Blondie catching powerful blows to the face. Blondie stumbles about and Irene refocuses her for a big flex before a neck snapping right hook. Blondie spittles up as she’s out cold and tipsy on her feet. A playful shove lays Blondie out into intense convulsions and Irene shows mercy with a neck snap, shooting Blondie’s stomach to the sky before she’s splayed for Irene’s win pose.

A bo staff enters the mix with Blondie as the wielder. She batters Irene with shots to the ribs and knocks her out with a swinging smack to the face. Blondie drives the staff into her neck and twists around to get the right angle before ripping backwards and snapping Irene’s neck with brutal force. Irene powerfully arches in vanquished convulsions, then hits the mats a twitchy mess. Blondie performs another bo staff neck snap and puts Irene to rest as she conks out with a nip slip. She then poses over Irene with the staff to her belly.

Irene shows off her martial arts training with bo staff stabs to Blondie’s abs. A cracking swing to the face spins Blondie around before she hits the mats, writhing around in a comatose state. Irene drives the staff into her neck and twists it around, cranking back and snapping Blondie’s neck leaving her to faintly twitch. A second neck snap sprawls Blondie out for a staff to belly victory pose.

Irene and Blondie are deep in each other’s clutches with a snug double bear hug. Irene’s lower half jiggles in enticing fashion as the two struggle for supremacy. They go to their knees as one wears the other down. They hit simultaneous neck snaps causing them to lean together as they spasm. They find the strength to execute a second double neck snap that leaves them laid out and writhing. The two engage in a war of attrition as they dig deep to snap the other’s neck through the painful convulsions. The final twists leave them shooting their bellies into the air, then unconscious on the mats for a long pan over the warring goddesses.

Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Dragon sleeper KOs
Dragon sleeper neck snap KOs
Frontal headscissor KOs
Frontal headscissor neck snap KOs
Neck-snapping right hook KOs
Bo staff strikes KOs
Bo staff neck snap KOs
Double bearhug
Double neck snap KOs
Powerful pre-KO back arching
Derri “air” KO pose
Instant replays
Victory poses
Pulse checks
Limb checks


Length: 26 min
Price: 24.99