(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


The femmes are already in the thick of battle as Ella Matrix’s throat is squeezed by Paris Naughty Luv’s toned arms. She feebly gags before going limp and defenseless for Paris to apply a neck snap. She briefly staggers before collapsing in a derri “air” pose where she helplessly convulses. Paris finishes the job with a follow-up neck snap before posing victoriously over her foe. The next scene sees Ella employing her own sleeperhold on a seated and struggling Paris. She eventually fades and suffers a complimentary neck snap resulting in convulsions. A second neck snap leaves her laid out for a victory pose by her petite opposition.

Ella ends up against the wall for a ravaging set of belly blows. A thrust to the throat forces her to stagger forward in woe, opening her back up for Paris to drop her with a neck snap. Ella collapses in defeat, uncontrollably spasming as her midriff thrusts the air. Another neck snap calms Ella’s torment leaving her spread-eagle and spent as Paris flexes over her. Paris ends up on the other end of the belly torment that’s topped off with a high kick to the throat. Paris falls to her knees clutching her neck in distress giving Ella the perfect opportunity to nail a neck snap. Paris is left vulnerable and convulsing from the trauma before a secondary neck snap halts her movements, then Ella strikes a win pose.

Ella stands punchdrunk as Paris dazes her with a number of rights. A face-to-face neck snap puts her out and Paris effortlessly drapes Ella over her shoulder for a carry. After a little fun, Ella is dropped to the mats where Paris poses over her. In Ella’s turn of dominance Paris is left frantically flailing to escape a frontal headscissor, but to no avail. Ella grows tired of Paris’ resistance and elevates her form to snap Paris’ neck, leaving her twitching on her back in disfunction. A second neck snap ceases Paris’ writhing for Ella to assume a favorable stance on her victim.

Ella is lifted from the floor in a lumbar spine crushing bearhug from Paris. Ella fades to barely conscious and Paris delivers a trachea strike dropping Ella to the mats. She gasps for air as she enters a twitching fit, which is soon put to rest as Paris uses her ankles for a twisting snap to the neck. A foot-to-face win pose sees Paris flex over her competition. With Ella on the offensive Paris sits disoriented on her knees from a series of face kicks. Ella exhibits deadly technique as she snaps Paris’ neck in multiple places causing her to drop to the floor in a convulsing derri “air” pose. A follow-up neck snap stops the spasms and Ella returns the favor with a foot-to-face victory pose.

In the next segment Ella finds herself hoisted into the air for two-handed throat lift by the amazon. As Ella’s strength wanes, Paris executes a twisting neck snap that has her feebly quivering in the palm of her hand. Another neck snap KO causes her to crumble forward into a derri “air” pose granting another triumph for Paris. A shift in roles shows Paris trapped in frontal headlock by Ella. After wearing her down a crank of the neck drops her to the mats and into a twitching fit. Ella fastens her ankles around the neck of Paris and a twisting neck snap secures her the W.

After an attire change the ladies circle each other, knives in hand and ready to strike. They clash as they lunge for each others’ necks, but Paris overpowers the smaller beauty. A couple neck stabs and a throat slit make short work of Ella attaining the win for the taller dame. In the consequent round Paris stands guard as a sentry for Ella to target. A stab to the midsection brings Paris to her knees where she’s fit for Ella to achieve a merciless throat slit and head stab combination. Paris topples into a derri “air” pose for Ella to boast over.

In the next encounter the ladies tangle again as they struggle to stab one another. This time Ella matches Paris’ power and they trade critical hits as their knives pierce each other’s chests. The pair keel over and begin twitching, incapable of fully defeating the other. To end the round with clarity we take it upon ourselves to put the pleading femmes out of their misery with a set of neck stabs.

Gunplay enters the fray as Ella is placed against the wall begging for mercy. Paris ignores the coaxing and plants 3 hot ones in her chest from the pistol. Ella sinks to her rear as her vitality dwindles. A headshot lays Ella down, but she’s hanging on by a thread as she twitches with fluttering eyes. Paris puts an end to the pain with a subsequent neck snap and poises over her adversary. Ella returns the favor as she plants 3 shots into the neck of a submissive Paris. She sits against the wall exposed and twitching until Ella completes the sequence with a neck snap. A planted foot and flex indicate the demise of Paris.

A fiber wire is introduced to the next sequence of knockouts as the duo takes turns strangling each other to the point of unconsciousness. The ladies toil, kick, and squirm, but their efforts only result in limp, drool-infested KOs as they’re choked to the point of faintness before a neck snap does them in. They flaunt in triumph as they outdo each other.

Ella becomes the seat of the powerful amazon as she’s trapped beneath her rear in a reverse facesitting smother. She wriggles and kicks to free herself but the fatigue sets as the oxygen tanks and it lights out. A sharp twist of the waist and Paris snaps the neck of her depleted rival. Ella gets her just desserts with a frontal facesit for Paris who fails to escape her crucial predicament. Her own twisting neck snap causes Paris to sharply jerk and it’s a wrap for the round.

The final contest pits the babes back to back and bound neck to neck as they’re squeezed together by the fiber wire. They squirm and fight to relinquish themselves from the torturous setup, but it’s nigh impossible. Paris is the first to succumb while Ella continues to resist, however she meets the same fate. We check the limbs of the pair and release them from the tie. The spent dolls can only twitch as they’re powerless to wake. We administer a final set of neck snaps putting the warring women to rest as they’ve given their all in the battle for supremacy.

Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Belly punching
Throat strikes
Over-the-shoulder carry
Frontal headscissor KO
Bearhug KO
Throat rip KO
Standing twisting neck snap KOs
Multi-part neck snap KO
Two-handed throat lift w/ neck snap
Frontal headlock neck snap KO
Throat slit KOs
Stabbing double KO
Facesitting neck snap KOs
Fiber wire choke KOs
Gunplay KOs
Knife play KOs
Derri “air” KO poses
Limb checks
Pulse checks
Tongue protrusion
Instant replays
Victory poses

Length: 25 min
Price: 21.99