(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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From the jump we see fembots, Misty Lovelace, and Anastasia Rose, sprawled atop one another in their white masks and one-piece outfits, drained from their recent combat session. We take a trip back to see how the ladies arrived at this point.

From the beginning the ladies take turns in the dominant role, squeezing the throats of their opposition until they wear thin enough for a clean neck snap. The girl on the receiving end faintly sinking to their knees and gagging with protruded tongues before lying in a twitching derri “air” posed heap. A final neck snap terminates the suffering and the victor strikes a sexy pose over their victim.

The next trial sees Misty struggling for air in a frontal headlock as she gyrates and wriggles for freedom. Anastasia’s hold remains strong and Misty goes limp in her snare, which is capitalized with a pair of major neck snaps. Anastasia then puts an end to Misty’s helpless twitching from a final neck snap with her head in her lap. A win pose then concludes the round.

In the following encounter Anastasia stands groggy from Misty’s flurry of punches before receiving a vicious crunching throat rip that drops her into mass convulsions. Misty goes for the kill as she pursues with a follow-up neck snap that ceases the agitation. Misty feels herself a bit as she poses over her fallen opponent.

Anastasia gets the upper hand in the next bout as Misty blacks out from a sleeperhold. Anastasia displays her technique with a brutal triple neck snap that leaves Misty in a twitching heap. Anastasia finishes her foe with one last neck snap that forces Misty’s midriff into the air as she convulses before collapsing spread eagle. Anastasia sits on her foes face as she flexes in celebration.

With Misty at the reins she delivers a number of neck chops that leave Anastasia out on her knees. Misty then brings the defenseless Anastasia back between her legs, picking up a knife before delivering serious damage to the neck with a throat slit and neck stab that dismantle her with ease.

It’s now our turn to enter the fray as we sneak up behind both fembots equipped with a pistol. A quirky whistle attracts the attention of both ladies before a salvo of shots leave them out and twitching. A couple of stabs to the throat lay the pair to rest and they’re left in a body pile as they were at the beginning.

We get a preview of the conclusion of a future session as we see both fembots laid in derri “air” poses with their tongues hanging. Another trip back will allow us to see the events that preceded the moment.

We open up to Anastasia displaying her pugilism with powerful punches that leave Misty face down and ass up and a drooling mess. Misty convulses as she lies vulnerable and is finished with a neck stab, which Anastasia poses after.

The next round sees Misty put her talented legs to work as Anastasia is seated and dazed from the start. A kick to the back of the neck drops her and puts Misty in prime position for a dreadful neck stomp causing a fit of writhing. Misty then tops off the beating with a beautifully executed between-the-ankles twisting neck snap. A second version of this scenario shows the drastic effects of Misty’s technique.

Anastasia gets her just desserts with a cinched frontal headscissor to Misty. Misty wriggles and panics between Anastasia’s thighs as the hold becomes a figure four. A sharp elevation of the hold causes Misty’s neck to snap and her eyes roll back. Anastasia rolls the twisting Misty over for one last neck snap causing Misty’s pelvis to thrust upward as she convulses before fading.

With Misty in the driver’s seat, a huge blow from a stun baton spins Anastasia around and prodded in the neck for a high voltage shock. Anastasia drops to her knees ripe for Misty’s neck stab causing her to spit up before collapsing forward. A follow-up neck snap stops the twitching and grants Misty a win pose.

Misty maintains the advantage in the next round as she smothers Anastasia with a facesit. Anastasia is powerless to escape as Misty grinds against her face and is gradually put to sleep. Misty then displays uncanny skill as she uses her glutes to perform a twisting neck snap, putting Anastasia’s lights out. Misty amps the intimacy with more grinding and a hook of the leg.

Both ladies suffer in the next segment as they’re seated back to back with their throats bound together by a tight cinch. They continuously struggle but are too out of it to free themselves and eventually pass out from the lack of oxygen. We enter the scene, freeing the KO’d pair from their binding. The vulnerable ladies beg for mercy, however they receive none as throat slits and neck stabs leave them derri “air” posed and vanquished. A final view of the defeated duo brings us full circle from the beginning of the session.

Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Derri “air” KO poses
Frontal headlock
Throat rip KO
Neck chops
Throat slits
Neck stab KOs
Neck shot KOs
Haymaker w/ spit take KO
Standing twisting neck snap KO
Frontal figure four headscissor neck snap KO
Facesitting neck snap KO
Back-to-back strangle KO
Knife play
Taser play
Body pile
Varied win poses
Instant replays
Tongue protrusion
Outtakes / alternate takes


Length: 28 min
Price: 25.99