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We fade in to SK stalking through the back yard of Sahrye, a retired agent. He finds the backdoor unlocked and lets himself in, mumbling at the stupidity of leaving the house unguarded. SK finds the retired agent’s computer and boots it up…

Cut to Sahrye watching from behind SK, assuming he’s a burglar and nothing more. We learn that Sahrye has been retired for two years, enjoying nothing but peace and quiet. She’s appalled that somebody would be so foolish as to burgle her house. It’s clear to her that they mustn’t realize who they’re messing with.

Sahrye approaches SK slowly and locks on a sleeper hold. She doesn’t put him out just yet, instead choosing to put him through the wringer with everything from a hand over mouth smother to a reverse head scissors, all the while talking down to him.

The reverse scissors puts SK out. As he lays limp on the floor, Sahrye voices that it’s very warm in the house. To rectify that issue she removes her clothes and is left in a tiny white bikini.

Sahrye stomps SK awake with a “Get up you POS”. She inflicts some more bodily damage before going in for a neck snap, assuming that this little mishap will be over momentarily..but she’s wrong. Just as the latin beauty is about to twist his neck into oblivion, SK fires back with a vicious elbow. He immediately applies a tight sleeper hold. As he takes her breath away he tells her he is no mere burglar. He’s been sent by the man Sahrye stole a cool $2 million from, and SK is there to get whatever is left of it back.

The rest of this intense clip has SK mostly in the dominant role as he attemps to pull the information he needs out of her. He doesn’t hold back a bit as he knocks her out several times and punishes her with an array of punches and strikes in between. He offers her a quick death if she’ll simply tell him the location of the money, which she declines over and over again.

An unconscious Sahrye is tossed into a large in ground swimming pool. We watch her floating face down as the scene changes to her bound standing up against a floor to ceiling metal pole. SK wakes her up, calmly inquiring about the location of the funds yet again. When Sahrye answers sarcastically, SK double hammer fists her and gives an onslaught of punches. Sahrye struggles to speak when SK puts her in an airtight throat choke. When he allows her to obtain the air she needs to speak, she admits the money is in the cooler. With a right hook, she goes out, and SK checks the cooler. He finds the money is indeed inside.

He unties her, which rouses her. Sahrye requests that he ‘just make it quick’. SK chooses to deliver a tombstone piledriver instead. As Sahrye convulses, SK calls the man who hired him to let him know the job’s been done. SK takes some photos and texts them over as proof that Sahrye has been handled.

When Sahrye comes to, it’s for the very last time. SK asks her if she’d still like it quick. Sahrye is distraught when she says she does. With a brutal neck snap, Sahrye is no more and SK’s job is completed.


sleeper hold
face punches
belly punches
bear hug
throat choke
reverse head scissors
hand over mouth smother
double hammerfists
elbow strikes
reverse guillotine
over the shoulder carry
head slams
groin stomps
cord asphyxiation
face and body kicks
bound punching beat down
tombstone pile driver
neck snap


Length: 24 min

Price: 18.99