(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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An ominous tune sets in as Agent Jordynne Grace has stealthily arrived at her target location during shift change. As soon as she enters she quickly stumbles upon a bag of tools fit perfectly for carrying out her assignment and helps herself. She hides in anticipation of her mark’s arrival.

A clone (Laynie Luck) shows up to her post soon after but is quickly ambushed by a stalking Jordynne who lunges into a rear hand gag and knife stab to her midsection. Jordynne questions her about the whereabouts of her boss, but the clone’s counter-interrogation techniques have served her well. Jordan tests her pain compliance with another stab to the abdomen, but it’s of no use. Somewhat frustrated, she takes the clone out with a neck stab that slumps her to the floor. Promptly afterward the clone disappears to nothing, piquing Agent Jordynne’s interest.

Jordynne wreaks havoc throughout clearance level one interrogating and dispatching numerous clones with a variety of weapons ranging from a garrote wire, dart gun, and even shows her lethality with a chopstick! Her lethal range of techniques aiming for the neck are also on display here as they allow her to quickly subdue and eliminate her opposition in the pursuit of “the boss”.

Jordan efficiently makes work of the level one clones but is troubled by the lack of intel gained from her various interrogations. Before she can take refuge from her last dispatch she’s abruptly interrupted by a sharp punch from a more threatening level two clone. The clone is able to exact some of her offense during the tussle with a headbutt and a few face punches but Jordynne’s grappling proves to be too strong. A bearhug overpowers the clone, squeezing her to borderline unconsciousness. Jordynne applies a rear headscissor and begins the questioning, but it’s ineffective as the clone continues to resist. The headscissor is converted into a figure four, then a neck snap that finishes the clone with ease.

Jordynne continues navigating around the building and manages to find what may be the boss’ hideaway. Before she gets the chance to proceed a clone comes from behind ramming her into the door frame of the hallway. Jordynne suffers some punches and knees to the midriff before she’s secured into a sleeper hold. In her struggle, she manages to rake the eyes of the clone giving her a moment to recover and brilliantly improvise a rear headscissor from a conveniently placed pull-up bar which converts into a well-executed neck snap. Jordynne continues down the hallway, stumbling forth as the previous bouts have taken a toll on her.

Arriving at the boss’ lair, Jordynne is dumbfounded to find it empty when suddenly Boss Laynie surprises her from the rear with a sleeper hold. In a short while she’s out on her feet and Laynie props her against the wall for a set of belly punches and face kicks causing her to collapse face down. Laynie continues her onslaught with a reverse headscissor that transitions to a figure four headscissor as she questions Jordynne about her organization, but she succumbs before any information is given. She revives Jordynne in an attempt to collect intel, but somehow Jordynne musters the strength to land some head kicks to free herself. She uses her last bit of energy to mount Laynie for a chokehold and Laynie counters with a tight bodyscissor. The pressure for both is so intense that they pass out in each others’ clutches.

Some time passes and both agents begin to come to. They exchange brutal haymakers in which Jordynne comes out on top sending Laynie into the door frame to deliver some of her own belly destruction. A powerful blow to Laynie’s abs causes a massive spit take sending Laynie to her knees spelling the end for the antagonist. Jordynne employs a tight sleeper hold to the groggy Laynie and it’s game over. Jordynne reports the success of her mission and carries Laynie over her shoulder to fulfill the final part of her duty.

Spy suit
Knife play
Sleeper hold KOs
Rear choke hold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Temple pressure point KO
Tranquilizer dart KO
Garrote KO
Sliding down stairs KO
Bearhug KO
Rear headscissor KO
Figure four headscissor KO
Figure four headscissor neck snap KO
Belly striking
Eye rake
Elevated rear headscissor w/ neck snap KO
Face kicking KO
Choking KO
Bodyscissor KO
Spit take solar plexus punch
Twitching & convulsing
Tongue protrusion
Over-the-shoulder carry


Length: 19 min
Price: 16.99