(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Some of you may know Symon as one of our very dedicated friends and fans, whose trailers for SKW get rave reviews all over the net! Aside from that, however, the man has scripted over 30 customs, and these two clips are his best yet! Taking a break from the usual wrestling theme he sends our way, these two segments deal wit the lovely Agent Angelina, who slowly awakens in a strange room with her memory completely gone, only to find the evil Alex accusing her of breaking into her boss’ lair! Before she can explain her confusion, Alex unleashes a barrage of punches to Angelina’s face and stomach, leading to some brutal knee strikes to her chin that leave her dazed on the mats! One long figure four neckscissors later and our heroine is out cold…but as Alex wakes her up for more the lovely Latina suddenly moves with the speed of sound, dodging punch after punch without knowing how! Soon enough she’s returning the favor, laying into the Asian soldier girl with face punches, knee strikes, and a long-held camel clutch that pushes Alex to confess her organization’s name! Still not sure who she is, Angelina decides to wrap things up for Alex with a powerful knockout via a long figure four neckscissors! She leaves the room…an unconscious soldier on the ground as we fade to black…

…we fade on on part 2, with Angelina making her way into a room that looks EXACTLY like the one she left (wonder how that could be?)
…only this time it’s FANTASY who awaits. The powerful fighter questions Angelina’s escape, and after some witty back and forth banter Angelina opens up on her foe, nailing multiple face punches and kicks…barraging Fantasy with a long series of blows to her chin that seem to put her out. One quick reversal, however, and Angelina finds herself punching the wall where Fantasy once stood, and now it’s the cunning pro’s turn to dish out the pain, slamming fist after fist into Angelina’s face, and nearly finishing her with a long series of snap kicks to the jaw! “Looks like you’re never leaving this place, Angelina…” Fantasy mutters, leading to the Agent suddenly remembering her own name! She comes to life, slamming her fist into Fantasy’s gut and proceeding to devastate her with rights and lefts to the jaw. After nearly knocking her out, Angelina finishes Fantasy off with what she realizes is her favorite hold…the figure four neckscissors! After putting Fantasy to sleep, the Agent stands, determined to escape as she makes her way out, using a different door this time…what happens next, you ask? Well…we’re gonna have to wait for Symon to let us know!

Length: 22 min, 53 sec
(includes hilarious bloopers and outtakes!)

Price: $16.99