(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Jacquelyn “The Snake” Velvets has returned to SKW to challenge “miss perfect” Sumiko to a match wearing her signature black catsuit, complete with a little help in the way of her giant boa constrictor Jake. As she’s explaining how her newfound friend will use his body to coil around Sumiko’s body, in walks Sumiko herself, looking like she’s fresh from the showers with a towel around her shoulders and a white racer suit underneath. As Jacquelyn runs her mouth, Sumiko silently pads up behind her, lifting her towel from her shoulders and winding it into a make-shift cord before yanking it around Jacquelyn’s neck and hauling her back hard. Jacquelyn sputters and gasps as she stumbles and struggles, while Sumiko winds the towel tighter around Jacquelyn’s throat. She pleads to Jake for help but must find her own way out.

At last she manages to throw an elbow into Sumiko’s belly, making her break the hold, doubling over in pain while Jacquelyn regains her composure, freeing herself from Sumiko’s towel then wrapping it around Sumiko’s throat to show her how it feels! Sumiko’s eyes bulge as she struggles for breath, legs thrashing as her tongue lolls, but Jacquelyn wrenches the hold in even tighter by winding Sumiko’s arms around her own throat for added pressed. Sumiko sputters, her eyes rolling until the flutter back into her head and she fades out at last.

She wakes to find Jake coiled around her body, shrieking in desperation as she struggles to free herself, but Jake is wound tight, his scaly body tightening with each twist and thrash, winding around Sumiko’s neck and choking her while Sumiko can only writhe and choke helplessly, enduring Jacquelyn’s taunting and mockery.
Sumiko refuses to give up, and manages to wrap Jake’s head between her thighs for a neck scissors. Immediately Jacquelyn rushes to the rescue, trying desperately to pry Sumiko’s legs from her precious snake’s skull and neck. In the confusion Sumiko manages to reverse positions grabbing a coil and swinging it around Jacquelyn’s neck, making the blonde gasp and plead until she shoulder-roll’s Sumiko back into Jake’s coils.  Now both girls are caught, and thrash in Jake’s powerful grip, but Sumiko manages to slip out, wrapping her coil around Jacquelyn’s neck as well.  Now Jacquelyn’s eyes roll and cross as she struggles for breath as Sumiko gloats over her, watching her eyelids flutter shut.

The battle rages as both combative cuties use Jake as a way to strangle and trap each other while also attacking with low blows, towel strangulation, until Jake himself enters the fray!  Targeting Sumiko he coils around her while she’s unawares and slowly constricts, tightening until Sumiko’s gasping breath can’t catch, her eyes roll back and she goes still.  Declaring herself the victor, Jacquelyn leaves Sumiko to Jakes’ embrace.

When Sumiko wakes she finds herself tied to a chair, as Jacquelyn hovers behind her, towel in hand. She winds it around Sumiko’s throat and pulls, choking Sumiko until her eyes bulge and flutter shut, then leaves her once again in Jake’s sweet embrace.

Racer Suit
Low Blows
Eye Rolling
Eye Crossing


Length: 22 min

Price: 18.99