(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



This SKW Classic opens with Sentry Jacquelyn being stalked by Catsuited Candle. Sneaking up behind the oblivious guard, Candle taps her shoulder then unloads with a couple of brutal Face Punches, dropping Jacquelyn to her knees stunned, perfectly positioned for a vicious Knee Lift to her pretty face. Eyes crossing as she wobbles on her knees, Jacquelyn drops to the floor in a catatonic heap.  Searching for information, Candle pats the stunned sentry down before stepping away to search the room.  Jacquelyn comes to, only to be Billy Clubbed back into unconsciousness.  Deciding to have a little fun, Candle wakes her up with a Belly Splash, and then hauls her to her feet for a cruel Stunner.  Not finished yet, Jacquelyn is hauled back to her feet only to find herself hammered by a vicious series of DDTs that leave her eyes rolling as she flounders on her back.  The fun continues, though, as Candle rouses her again only to pull her into an Inverted Atomic Drop then a crushing Bear hug, making Jacquelyn’s eyes roll back as she fades out.  Releasing the hold, Candle goes for a Running Lariat, but Jacquelyn dodges and levels Candle with a Lariat of her own, dropping the feline felon to the mat. The tides turn as Candle finds herself wrapped in a devastating Body Scissors, gasping and whimpering as Jacquelyn cinches in.  Deciding to have some fun of her own, Jacquelyn wraps Candle into a Bridged Figure Four, then a Leg Trap Surfboard, as Candle whimpers and begs. Not satisfied, Jacquelyn transitions into a Modified Over-The-Knees Backbreaker, and then punishes Candle’s back further with a Camel Clutch.  Candle whines and struggles before Jacquelyn releases her to wrap her into a Boston Crab, but Candle is able to kick out, throwing the sultry sentry into the wall, stunning her.  Leaping at the advantage, Candle unloads with a series of punches to Jacquelyn’s face, then charges in for a running Knee Lift, only for her stunned prey to drop to the mat, making her crash into the wall head first.  Will the catsuited criminal extract the information she’s after, or will the sexy sentinel see justice done?

Face Punching
Billy Club
Bear Hugs
Belly Splashes
Atomic Drops
Running Lariat
Knee Lifts
Belly Punches
Figure Four
Rolling Eyes
Over the Shoulder
Boston Crab
Body Scissors
Crossed Eyes
Winner: Jacquelyn

Length: 12 min

Price: 8.99