We fade in on the lovely Lucky O’Shea complaining about her loss to SK during a match shot at FetishCon.  She demands a rematch in the mat room, stating that a hotel room is NO place for a real pro!  SK accepts by sneaking up and landing a brutal forearm to Lucky’s back!   A rant turns into a one-sided destruction as Sleeperkid proceeds to give Lucky what she wanted…an SKW rematch!


sleeper hold KO
belly punching
wall choke
piledriver KO
leg drop
camel clutch
tombstone piledriver KO
figure four leglock
body slams
belly claw
second sleeper KO
stomp to the back
kneeling surfboard
lotus lock
skull f*cker KO
MULTIPLE tombstone and standard piledrivers
bearhug KO
boston crab
torture rack / pressure point KO
romero / surfboard combo with chinlock / pressure point KO
limp piledriver KO
final tombstone piledriver KO
leg hook pin
post KO stomps with zero effect


Length: 16 min

Price: 13.99