(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We fade in on Lil Bit utterly destroyed on the mats and barely able to come to. She briefly explains her sacrifice for the fans’ entertainment before conking out at the hands of Crystal Fire. We then flashback to a few hours ago to see the squash that took place.

Bit remains sleeping through a few light taps and Crystal comes in hot with a thudding double leg drop. Bit sits up winded and ripe for Crystal’s sleeperhold to be locked in. Her weak flailing does little and she ends up sleeping through the limb check.

Bit is responsive to Crystal’s light kick and withstands a nerve hold via shoulder claw. She cries in pain, but the heel doesn’t let up. It’s lights out for Bit as Crystal does her in with the submission.

A belly splash rocks Bit out of her sleepy state and she’s set up for an iron claw. Crystal stands up for leverage amping the pain of the hold. Bit remains helpless as she flails into lifelessness. A limb check spells the KO for Crystal and drool lightly pours from Bit’s lips.

Slaps at Bit’s waist stir her up and into Crystal’s clutches. Crystal lifts her up to administer elbows to her face. A knockout uppercut drops Bit to the mats where she sees stars before sprawling out cold.

Face slaps bring Bit back to consciousness and Crystal drags her to the middle for a powerful leg drop. Follow-up leg drops give Bit complete whiplash until she’s KO’d and twitching. Crystal’s words go unheard as Bit is out leading to more leg drops and a final set of limb checks to secure the fall.

More face slaps rattle Bit awake and she’s lost as to what’s going on. Crystal cares none for her wellbeing and repositions her on the mats for a series of gut-wrenching belly splashes. A wise choice of words irritates Crystal for more crushing splashes. Bit’s twitches go ignored and more splashes wreak havoc on her ribs. Crystal admires her handiwork as Bit lightly spasms on the canvas.

Bit remains a powerless carcass as Crystal checks on her again. Pokes to the ribs hit Bit’s sensitive spots and she struggles to recover from Crystal’s beatdown. Crystal cuts to the chase and lifts her up, then hurls her hard into the turnbuckle. Bit bounces out and right into a DDT that plants her head first. Crystal continues onward with a second DDT that scrambles Bit’s brains to twitches. Poor Bit endures a skullcrusher and a third DDT that leave her motionless.

An optimal position gives Crystal the inkling for an iron claw to awaken Bit. A twist of the ears leads to more skull crushing. Crystal shows her technical prowess with a vertical suplex that stuns Bit. A hair-pulling shoulder claw gets Bit to her feet and she withstands another stalling vertical suplex. As Bit tries to regain her bearings she suffers a claw and headbutts to the belly. Crystal then applies another skullcrusher then lays her out with a third vertical suplex. A leg-hooking 10-count straddle pin ensures Bit’s out for the count.

A belly claw jolts Bit from her rest and Crystal continues the pressure with a bearhug. Bit’s squeezed to an unconscious heap and hurts all over when she comes to. Crystal hurls her into the corner and pummels her with belly punches, softening her up for running splashes. Bit heavily reels, clutching her ribs as she can barely stand. She staggers out of the corner, completely out of it and crashing to the mats spread eagle.

Crystal stirs her up with a few face taps and Bit slowly rises from the canvas. By the time she’s up a stunner from Crystal sends her to the floor again. Crystal locks a bow and arrow stretch on the unfortunate jobber then ushers her to her feet. A second stunner sends her floundering about until she hits the canvas again. Crystal works her over with a few stomps and cinches another skullcrusher submission. Crystal then lifts her up by the ears then puts her out with a third stunner.

Bit is lifted by her ears then plowed into the mats with a twisting neckbreaker. Crystal’s offense proceeds with a two-handed throat lift. Bit’s neck is wrung till her vitality hits zero and she slumps to the surface.

Crystal catches Bit off guard with a frontal headlock that steals her air and wears her down. A 10-count back hook pin scores yet another fall for Crystal.

Stomps to the mats wake Bit from her slumber and Crystal tightens a buffalo sleeper across her throat. Bit goes limp in the hold and Crystal gains another fall from a 10-count back hook pin. Bit’s then agitated to a stand and slammed head first with a piledriver. Crystal effortlessly earns another pinfall for the match.

As Crystal coerces Bit up for more punishment she readies the dirty tactics. She clasps Bit’s face in a chloroform rag and into the corner for a smother KO. Bit collapses like a ragdoll and is left a senseless jobber from Crystal’s sinister smackdown.

Double leg drop
Sleeperhold KO
Shoulder claws w/ hair pulling KO
Belly splashes KO
Iron claws
Skullcrusher KO
Elbows to face
Uppercut KO
Leg drops KO
Vertical suplex KOs
Belly claws
Belly headbutts
10-count leg hook straddle pin
Bearhug KO
Belly punching
Running corner splashes KO
Stunner KOs
Bow and arrow stretch
Twisting neckbreaker KO
Two-handed throat lift KO
Frontal headlock KO
10-count back hook leg pins
Buffalo sleeperhold KO
Piledriver KO
Chloroform rag smother KO
Limb checks


Length: 36 min
Price: 34.99