(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Black Widow (Faith) stirringly lies in wake with a mischievous smile for her greatest adversary to make contact. Super Ama (Ama Rio) makes demands that she hand over the detonator to the bombs scattered around the city, and of course Faith isn’t so quick to give in. As Ama approaches, Faith takes a swing and gets parried into a sleeperhold. A digit of Ama’s strength is more than enough to send Faith reeling in the submission and she goes limp before being dropped to the mats. Ama kneels beside to check her limbs, then wakes her for a sleeperhold and interrogation combo. Faith faintly declares that the detonators can be found in a nearby stash before being squeezed out and Ama goes to check.

Ama opens the cash to discover a shard of kryptonite that quickly saps her energy and sends her onto her knees. Faith slowly awakens after a sly smile and takes hold of the shard. She rubs it along the spent Ama, teasing her with controlling dominance. A temple drill with the shard sends Ama’s eyes rolling along with a drooling take. Faith leaves Ama on the edge just enough to wrap in a sleeperhold, sending her into a squirming Frenzy as she gives her all to resist passing out. Ama is left completely zonked as Faith strips off the top of her costume. Faith then yanks a tuft of Ama’s hair, which gets her to come to a bit, then dog walks her around the room to the shard. Ama folds as she reaches it and Faith lifts her for more punishment.

With the shard in hand, Faith applies a sleeperhold with the kryptonite providing ample power to the hold. Ama’s legs soon give way and a sleeperhold does its worst to the fleeting heroine. Faith teases her comatose body with the shard before cinching around Ama’s neck with a rear headscissor. Ama’s drained via throat constriction to an empty gaze and Faith proceeds teasing as well as removing the bottoms of her costume. Faith proceeds to squeeze Ama’s throat with a reverse headscissor and Ama is left powerless to escape. More teasing with the kryptonite shard gets Ama squirming, then Faith lifts her for another sleeperhold. Ama’s strangled to a KO and Faith scoops her for an OTS carry with more shard teases.

Ama is dumped to the mats and left for Faith to graze her body with the toxic kryptonite. Faith grips her jaw, then sharks her awake. Ama remains steadfast as the heroine and Faith yanks her up by the hair. An uppercut with shard in-hand flops Ama out on the mats for a knockout and Faith ragdolls her with a feigned pin. Another temple drill with the shard takes Ama out and Faith humors herself with another feigned pin. Ama suffers another sleeperhold, however the shard is slipped into the front of her nylons ensuring she has zero chance of withstanding the strangling submission. Faith stops toying with her opposition and puts her down with a 3-count mounted leg hook pin.

Faith reaches out to her contact to let her know that Ama has been subdued and is ready for pick up. She then pulls the panties off of Ama, leaving her in the nude before performing a lift and carry to bring her to the wall. With Ama completely out of it and slumped against the wall, Faith places the kryptonite shard on her stomach to keep her suppressed. She then leaves Ama stuck and softly writhing until her captors close in.

Sleeperhold KOs
Seated sleeperhold KOs
Kryptonite shard temple drill KOs
Kryptonite-infused sleeperhold KO
Rear headscissor KO
Rear headscissor KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
Kryptonite uppercut KO
3-count mounted leg hook pins
Dog walking
Kryptonite shard stroking
Fondling / teasing
Post-KO toe wiggling
Limb checks


Length: 21 min
Price: 21.99