(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A devious Kendra Allure prepares a dangerous drink in an innocent looking water bottle that the oblivious Jessa Rain has helped herself to. As she hits a quick pre-match interview with SK, the effects of the tainted water slowly take effect as Kendra hides out. Kendra then approaches from behind with a placed chair and snapping spank to Jessa’s rear. Jessa is but a mere ragdoll as Kendra handles her with slapping spanks and a hug from the rear as she cops a feel. Kendra sits her in the chair and she continues fondling her toy. Eventually the drugged drink kicks in even harder sending Jessa spiraling into wild convulsions to the point of producing frothy drool. Kendra teases during Jessa’s suffering then catches her with a groin claw emitting a stimulation so strong that Jessa flops out of the chair and continues to spasm.

Kendra’s marveling of the poisoned Jessa continues, then she delivers a huge heart punch that rattles Jessa upward before falling back for a spit take and more stirring spasms. Kendra lifts poor Jessa to her feet and is barely able to keep her balanced. Teasing faceplay precedes a sleeperhold alongside breast squishing. With Jessa totally out of it, Kendra spanks her rear sending her toward the wall, then performs stiff belly shots. Somehow Jessa keeps her wits under Kendra’s torture and even finds enjoyment as she begins pleasuring herself.

Kendra displays her might with a two-handed throat lift to the amazon, choking her out till she’s face down and ass up on the mats. Rapid spanks get Jessa convulsing at a rapid pace, then  Kendra lifts her for more choking from the rear to the point of a spit take knockout. With the limb check confirmed, Jessa folds back into more jolting, then gets enveloping body splashes for her troubles. The wild spasms don’t let up and Jessa can’t help but rub over her goodies even more. Kendra lifts her then sends her into the mats head first with a DDT KO. A second DDT KO flops Jessa into more endless convulsions, then Kendra breaks a taser into the mix.

Kendra squeezes at Kendra’s thick thighs before grazing her body with the cold metal instrument. Suddenly, Kendra jams the stunning taser into Jessa’s groin, lighting her up with volts and intensifying the convulsions even more. Kendra puts on a clinic, groping and sticking her with the taser to the point of another big spit take. Kendra then flops Jessa onto her stomach with the taser in contact as she takes a break to let her suffer. Kendra comes back to see Jessa continuously being shocked and finally frees her from shackles. Kendra folds Jessa into a matchbook pin for an easy 10 count and Jessa’s twitching does not let up.

After bringing Jessa to a stand, Kendra puts her back down with a tombstone piledriver sending her into spread eagle seizures. Kendra gets hands on a chair from the back and sends it crashing into Jessa’s face, which causes her to foam at the mouth once again and the stirring finally begins to slow. Kendra removes Jessa’s top before stuffing it in her mouth, then scores an erotic 10-count single leg hook pin. Kendra plays with her twitchy jobber a bit more before striking a win pose and leaves her face down with a vibrator stuffed between her legs. Jessa gets her sweet O and passes out with SK nearby to finally relieve from such a provocative pounding.

Drugged drink KO
Hard spanking
Groin claw
Seizure KO
Sleeperhold KO
Belly punching w/ masturbation
Two-handed throat lift KO
Rear two-handed choke w/ spit take KO
Belly splashes w/ groping KO
Assorted taser strikes
Taser w/ groin claw
KO’d on top of taser
10-count matchbook pin
Tombstone piledriver KO
Chair shots w/ drool take KO
Top strip
Top gag
10-count single leg hook pin w/ masturbation
KO’d on top of vibrator finish
Mat grinding
Instant replay
Derri “air” KO pose
Limp play
Abundant trash talk
Trash talk
Excess twitching
Excess convulsing


Length: 34 min
Price: 33.99