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FROM THE VAULTS: Jacquelyn Velvets introduces us to Serena and Jade, sporting bikinis, explaining that she’s going to put the girls through her own Knockout Game. The odds don’t faze Jacquelyn as she sneaks up behind the witless waifs, slapping chloroform soaked rags over both their mouths. Serena and Jade struggle, moaning and rolling their eyes as they sink to their knees, the vapors working the magic. Before long both girls pass out, giving Jacquelyn plenty of time for sensual limp play. But the game doesn’t end there, and the girls get their chance for revenge. Sneaking up behind the Queen of Sleeperkid’s World, they unload a series of punches that leave Jacquelyn rocked. Cross-eyed and staggering, she at last goes down, Serena and Jade making sure of their victory by prying her eyes open to make sure they’re perfectly rolled back. Back and forth the knockouts roll, as the girls use Knockout Gas, Nerve Pinches, chloroform rags, karate chops and plenty of limp play make these games truly a knockout experience.


Knock Outs
Two on One
Knockout Gas
Face Punching
Eye Rolling
Crossed Eyes
Pile Drivers
Body Scissors
Head Scissors
Limp Play
Sleeper Holds

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Length: 13 min

Price: 9.99