(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Dakota Charms happens to be in a heated gaming session when Jessa Rain walks in and inquires on what she’s playing. Dakota elaborates it’s the new hot fighting game that just released, “Sleep Fighter”. Jessa picks up the sticks as she’d like to get some games in and Dakota antagonizes her as she comes off as a newbie. Jessa creates her in-game avatar as Dakota has already made hers, then the two get to gaming.

Jessa throws some punches that are swiftly evaded by Dakota, then gets her following strikes captured by Dakota. A big low blow sinks Jessa to her knees then Dakota aims for the throat with a neck chop to neck snap combo. Dakota flips her over for a win pose and celebrates her first W. In the next round, Jessa’s double axe handle is blocked and punished by Dakota’s headbutt. Jessa responds with a punch to Dakota’s nose and goes for a sleeperhold. Dakota reverses with an elbow to the midsection and an arm flip throw. A dragon sleeper next snap takes Jessa out for Dakota to press a decisive boot to her back.

Dakota gloats over her victory as Jessa finds herself getting more immersed and they’re right back at it. Dakota’s punches are blocked and Jessa scores a low blow of her own before delivering face kicks that lay Dakota out. Jessa stands Dakota up for a handstand headscissor that’s seemingly effective, but Dakota battles her way out with a sneaky knife stab to Jessa’s thigh. A following throat slit leaves Jessa out cold and twitching as Dakota poses over her. IRL, Dakota shows signs of nervousness as Jessa is improving and it shows as she starts off the next round with a reversal into a sleeperhold. Face punches rock Dakota and she pulls her knife, which is kicked out of her hand. Jessa stops from retrieving it with a frontal figure four headscissor, then curls her backward for a neck snap from said position. Jessa then poses on top as she gets her first win.

Dakota gets a little bitter for her first loss and introduces dirty play by pulling a hidden gun and lighting Jessa up with multiple shots. Dakota then puts a boot to her back as she pops a final cap in the fallen Jessa. Jessa switches to a more martial arts based character to even the score and easily takes Dakota out by blocking her pistol shots and slashing at her throat for the delayed KO. The coming rounds show Jessa cleaning Dakota up with more great sword work, a neck snap, and lethal slashes for knockouts. Dakota manages to get her footing as she opts for hand-to-hand combat, which Jessa obliges. She ends up trapped in one of Jessa’s sleepers, but finds her way out with a cunning thigh stab. She gets atop a writhing Jessica and tries to drive into her, but Jessa’s great show of strength reverses the scenario and the blade is driven into Dakota’s throat.

Dakota gets frustrated she’s on the losing end, which gets Jessa to swap characters. It does little to help as Jessa ragdolls her with a sleeperhold into an arm flip throw. Throat thrusts send Dakota to a mats as a gagging heap, then Jessa mounts her for more consecutive throat thrusts. A twisting neck snap between Jessa’s ankles puts Dakota down for another victory pose. In the next round Jessa’s striking works over Dakota with a throat thrust, popliteal kick, and a roundhouse kick. Dakota then locks in an arm triangle choke that puts Dakota away with ease. Dakota gets even more pissed she’s on the losing end as Jessa’s beatdown proceeds. A heart punch puts Dakota on her knees, leaving her ripe for a dragon sleeper neck snap KO.

Dakota ends up trapped in Jessa’s rear bodyscissor, then applies a thumb spike submission to her throat to incite drooling before the KO. The next round sees Dakota try to be the aggressor by charging in only to be tripped. Jessa takes advantage with a face kick to drop her then pulls a surprise pistol and fires a shot that appears to have dropped Jessa. Jessa exposes the bullet caught in her teeth and a kick drops Dakota to the mats. The two then enter a double choking test of strength that Dakota falters in and ends up a drooling mess. Jessa’s neck snap puts her away before delivering a forehead kiss and victory pose.

As Jessa’s done kicking Dakota’s ass she makes a move to head out, but Dakota wants some real revenge as she applies a sleeperhold to her. It seems Dakota has gotten the best of her, but a kick over her shoulder catches Dakota precisely, then Jessa performs a rear naked choke KO. Jessa then leaves Dakota sprawled out on the couch with a controller ornament, leaving Dakota as the loser in more ways than one.

Cunt punts
Throat chop
Neck snap KOs
Arm flip throws
Dragon sleeper neck snap KOs
Face kicks KOs
Handstand headscissor
Thigh stabs
Throat slit KO
Frontal headscissor neck snap KO
Pistol KO
Throat slash KOs
Chest stab KO
Throat stab KO
Throat jabs KO
Twisting ankle neck snap KO
Arm triangle choke KO
Throat punch
Rear bodyscissor w/ throat spike KO
Two-handed choke KO
Forehead kiss
Rear naked choke KO
Victory poses
Trash talk
Instant replays
Outtakes / gag reel


Length: 44 min
Price: 39.99