A FAMILY’S FEUD: part one

Part one of three…

We fade in on Jordynne Grace issuing an open challenge to ANYONE at SKW…which then leads to a sudden chloroform sneak attack from Fantasy’s daughter and protégé ELLENA! The soaked cloth slowly renders Jordynne unconscious, with the smiling Ellena ready to make her name at SKW with a win!  Instead of going for a pin, however, Ellena foolishly preps Jordynne for a piledriver…one that Miss Grace quickly reverses!   She drops down, knocking the tiny Ellena out INSTANTLY!  Fueled by a sudden burst of rage, Jordynne decides to wipe the mats with the little rookie, using TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVERS, PULL UP PILEDRIVERS, MULTIPLE HUMILIATION PINS, and more.

Even though piledrivers are the meal Jordynne’s forcing down the jobber’s throat, she adds extra spice with sleeper hold KOs, camel clutch, straight jacket choke, and a final POWER BOMB KO!

During a final foot on face pin / chest victory pose, however, we see Fantasy emerge from the shadows.  She grabs Jordynne’s hair and slams her back onto the mat, only to drag her up nail a brutal PILEDRIVER of her own!  Jordynne twitches on the mats, out cold as Fantasy rolls her over and drags Ellena on top of her for the OFFICIAL pin!

We fade out on the body pile…but rest assured: this rivalry has only JUST begun!


Length: 17 min

Price: 15.99