(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)




In this outstanding custom production, Sumiko plays a hapless “ninja” whose only job is to take out Supergirl (Alisa Kiss)…a task that proves impossible as her attacks are repeatedly reversed!  Time and time again, Sumiko’s attempts to subdue everyone’s favorite superheroine end in her taking a brutal KO…only to fade into ANOTHER fruitless attempt!   This is an amazing twist on our usual “sentry” style release, and we’re pretty sure you’re gonna LOVE IT!


failed karate chops
massive belly blow KO
failed blackjack blows
fist to the face KO
failed bearhug
bearhug KO
failed choke
pinky grab reversal
test of strength (one hand vs two)
fist to the skull KO
failed tazer attack
multiple tazer shocks
final temple taster attack
tongue protrusion
failed chloroform attack
single handed choke lift
choke lift KO
over the shoulder KO
failed tranq dart attack
tranq KO
multiple post-KO tranq shots
failed black jack attack
judo flip
black jack blow to the face KO
failed syringe attack
finger flick super-strength blow
belly punches
drugged syringe KO
cape removal
reverse super-breath
tombstone piledriver KO
double temple drill KO
victory pose (boot on stomach)

(includes alternate KOs and outtakes)

CLIP # 2:  Super-Ivy vs Devon and Sumiko

We see two thieves (played by Sumiko and Devon) celebrating their most recent theft.  They look through their loot and prepare to leave…when Supergirl (Ivy Sloan) suddenly appears, grabbing the criminals by the hair, thus prepping an evening of “good defeats evil” punishment!

She conks the two girls’ head together, knocking them out cold.  She then proceeds to work them over, via two separate sleeper hold KOs, and a double chin punch KO!   Curious, Super-Ivy inspects the robbers’ loot…only to find a piece of kryptonite hidden inside the cash!   Ivy weakens and tries to crawl away, but the crystal overcomes her consciousness.  Her eyes roll as she slowly passes out, giving the baddies enough time to come to.  Turns out the whole thing was a trap, and these evil ladies can’t wait to make a name for themselves by defeating the world’s most beloved heroine.  They slowly remove her cape and de-boot her, preparing her for a night of KO humiliation!

They take turns punching the powerless Ivy in the gut, only to knock her out with a double uppercut!  The carnage continues as the evildoers tear Super-Ivy apart via dual sleeper hold KOs, further exposure to kryptonite, a chloroform KO, removal of her skirt, piledriver KO, and a final tombstone piledriver KO that leaves Super-Ivy down and OUT!

The evil ladies leave a shard of kryptonite tucked between Ivy’s crossed arms as they make their way out of their lair…destined to get away with the crime of the century!


Length: 29 min

Price: 19.99