After a sneak chloro attack from the Collector’s favorite thug (Jackson), Super-Malloy seems to be near defeat.  A sudden reversal, however, leads to a sleeper KO for Jackson and a quick OTS carry.  Malloy’s curiosity, however, leads her to search her enemy’s bag, where she finds a glowing green crystal…one that immediately robs her of her strength!Jackson’s trap has been set, and what follows is a one-sided destruction for the lovely blonde heroine!  Jackson uses tons of her favorite finishers to render Super-Malloy unconscious…over and over again…until she finally tires of the game and leaves the city’s protector out cold, tied up, and permanently chloro-masked!!

Front sleeper KO
Reverse bearhug KO
Single leg scissors KO
Sleeper hold KO
Full nelson
Temple squeeze KO
Front face kick KO
Chloro mask KO
and MORE!


Length: 12 min

Price: $10.99