We fade in on the Collector (POV) gloating over two captured and hypnotized superheroes (played amazingly by Keri Spectrum and Alisa Kiss)…who he plans to use as bait to lure the ever-elusive Bat-SUMIKO!  He commands the supergirls to sleep and they slump to the mats, out cold.  Hours later, we see Sumiko make her way into the lair.  She frantically wakes her friends up, who seem scared and disoriented.  She leads them to the nearest exit, but her friends suddenly attack, clamping a double neck pinch on Bat-Sumiko that puts her down and out!!!   Revealing their hypnotized state, the two “evil” Supergirls decide to have some knockout fun with the masked do-gooder, including:

back to back sleeper holds
limb checks
mask removal
single super breath attacks
double super breath KO
single “flick of the finger” jaw strike MEGA KO
romero/ceiling hold punchout combo
full body toss

Sumiko lays nearly broken, but she manages to grab her secret weapon right before the evil supers can finish her off!  She reveals a shard of kryptonite, suddenly weakening Keri and Alisa.  The blondes fall to ground, eyes rolling and moaning in pain…until they finally pass out cold!  Sumiko decides to BEAT them out of the spell, taking turns slamming kryptonite punches into their jaws and asking them what their primary goals in life are.  Each time they reply “to destroy Bat-Sumiko”, Sumiko sends them back out again!  After the punch KOs, Sumiko dispenses back to back sleeper hold KOs.  The two are still hypnotized, so Sumiko finds a nearby bottle of chloroform and prepares to use it on a dazed Keri.  Keri, however, has come back to her senses…but tells Sumiko to render her unconscious anyway, as she’s not sure she’s 100% out of the spell’s grasp.  A hesitant Sumiko puts Keri out, then repeats the chloro attack on Super-Alisa.  Confident that she’s gained control of the situation, Sumiko prepares to extract the supergirls from the room…until The Collector’s voice fills the air.  Before she can escape the trap, a nearby vent doses Bat-Sumiko with sleepy spray, rendering her unconscious!   Super-Keri and Alisa start to come to, but another set of sleepy gas blasts puts them back out, leaving THREE more additions to the Collector’s private…collection!


Length: 23 min

Price:  17.99