We fade in on Wonder-Woman (Christina Ricci) leading her two super-trainees (played by Anne-Marie and Heather West) into the evil Leopard’s (played by Amber O’Neal) lair.  A small box reveals itself to contain kryptonite, leaving the two supergirls groaning in agony as Amber sneak attacks Wonder-Ricci!!!  She chloroform the Amazonian, who passes out with a soft sigh…her eyes rolling as she slips into darkness.  Amber then turns her attention on the supergirls, rendering each one unconscious by stroking their faces with the dreaded green crystal!

Amber proceeds to toy with her victims, using Christie’s belt to force her to reveal the source of her power (her belt).  Amber knocks her out again with the chloro-soaked rag and removes her belt.  Ricci awakens to a beatdown as Amber throws her into the wall and delivers belly strikes and a claw to her midsection.  Amber throws a few rights and lefts that collide with the heroine’s jaw only to drop her out cold with a brutal uppercut!

She turns to the supergirls and awakens them, only to deliver some brutal krypto-gut punches against the wall that leave both girls near unconsciousness!  A double chokeout puts them out again, only to be dropped to the mats.  Amber strokes their faces with the crystal yet again to make sure they stay down and proceeds to use a hypno-orb on Wonder-Ricci!  She commands her to sleep so she can remove her boots…then turns her into her personal enforcer!  We watch as Ricci turns on her trainees, squeezing them to a KO in a double bearhug, delivering a forced headbutt, and landing a running wall splash that puts them out!  She awakens them with a double boston crab and proceeds lay them out with a set of uppercuts!  Amber laughs and instructs her to finish them off, but a sudden chloroform attack from Heather West puts her out!  The angered Leopard attacks Heather, but pulls her far enough away from the kryptonite to give her the strength needed to throw her into the wall!  Heather uses the chloroform-soaked rag to put Amber to sleep and, still weakened, awakens Anne-Marie.  She tells her to place grab the hypno orb (which is located dangerously close to the kryptonite) and Anne does so, heroically sacrificing her consciousness in the process.  She tosses the orb to Heather right before fainting…and Heather uses it to restore Wonder-Woman’s consciousness and break the spell!  She makes Wonder-Ricci sleep in order to completely remove the hypnosis placed upon her by the Leopard.  Heather finally succumbs to the kryptonite, passing out right as Ricci awakens.

The enraged superheroine takes the kryptonite and places it back in its case, causing the supergirls to awaken at full power.  They turn their attention on the Leopard and and proceed to teach the evildoer a lesson.  They proceed to use her as a human punching bag, slamming fists into her jaw and trapping her into a double body / neck scissors that ends when Wonder-Ricci clamps the chloro-soaked rag over her nose and mouth for a final KO!  Wonder-Ricci carries the Leopard over her shoulder as the trio make their way to the nearest prison cell…proving once and for all that crime does not pay!!



Length: 19 min

Price: 17.99