(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Agent SK has been tasked with clearing the vicinity of head honcho, Onyx Kim, along with her minions protecting the compound. The first stands guard in the kitchen reporting an “all clear” after securing the vicinity of any intruders. SK finds his way in from behind and wraps her in a constricting sleeperhold that handily takes her down to the floor. The clone kicks around in agitation, struggling to escape as the submission drains her of vigor. Her eyes roll back as her breaths become heavily weathered, eventually going limp and immobile. After a few checks to her consciousness, SK wakes her to put her down once more with a sleeperhold. He interrogates her as to the whereabouts of the other clones and the sentry loyally resists. SK punishes her with a third sleeperhold till she softly convulses and moans in lethargy. A concluding neck snap puts her out for good and SK sprawls her about the floor. After a few camera pans the first sentry disintegrates into nothingness and SK hunts for the next one.

The 2nd Onyx clone kicks back in the living room as she takes a seat on the recliner in a weary and relaxed condition. She gives the “all clear” to home base, but finds herself victim to SK’s torturous double temple drill from a pair of chopsticks. Instantly Onyx’ tongue is propelled from her mouth, thick and saturated. The drool drips from both sides of her mouth as the deadly nerve hold does its worst. The lights are on but no one’s home as SK checks her limbs. She begins to wake and SK presses the chopstick to pressure points in her collar and temple, drilling till she’s senseless, and slobbering. He hoists her up for an OTS carry and brings her to the couch for more punishment.

After retrieving a blackjack he wakes her for an interrogation which she resists, then knocks her clean out with a blow to the skull. More limb checks are followed by face play that rouses her awake. He makes a second interrogation attempt that she doesn’t fold to and endures another powerful KO shot from the blackjack. She slumps forward, eyes rolling, then into a derri “air” pose. Once more he restrains her hands and tries to get the crucial info from her, but her fear of treason takes priority. A third strike of the club flops her to the couch giving SK ample time for one more convincing coax. He fastens a leash around her neck and pulls the chain through couch cushions for a suffocating squeeze. Onyx flounders from the intense choking and goes out in a gurgling, vulnerable heap. More hard jerks through the cushions cause her to quake in her seat and a final yank forces her into a tongue-protruding, eye-crossing KO. SK then frees her from the strap and heads off in pursuit of the next sentry.

He equips a tranquilizer pistol and locates the next clone at the end of a hallway. He creeps up and plugs one shot into her neck placing her into a dopey state. She mumbles absolute nothingness as SK explains what’s taking place. Even under the influence of the tranquilizer the clone gives no information about her leader’s whereabouts. He fires two shots into her midriff that she responds to with more senseless babbling and slumps her against the wall with a dart to the neck. She doesn’t respond to his touch and is threatened with more shots if she doesn’t give up the info. She doesn’t give in and SK deals more damage with more shots to the belly followed by a neck snap KO. He lifts and carries her to the couch before continuing his pursuit for the boss.

The next clone is found placing sensitive data into a computer and SK catches her off guard with a hypnosis device. She’s powerless to the effects of the device and placed under SK’s incantation with ease. His words result in full control of the sentry and he tests the hypnosis’ results by having her perform a self-chloroform. She goes limp before she can put herself away and SK finishes the job by blanketing the rag across her airways. Pleased with the results he uses the spell to send the sentry to the boss’s layer where she lounges in nightwear. Befuddled by the lack of response from the clone over the radio as well as a knock on the door, she goes to answer. She’s met with a knockout punch to the face that sprawls her across the floor. SK makes his way to the room and rewards the sentry with a chance at a new life before applying a knockout sleeperhold and breaking the spell. He OTS carries the sentry back to his car before addressing the real Onyx.

As he handles the unconscious Onyx he can definitely tell she’s the real deal by touch. He puts her in his lap and wakes her with face play. She wriggles around in a panic as he wraps a hand around her throat, dumbfounded as to how her clones have failed. He requests as to where she’s keeping the secret data and she defies in an aggressive tone. He encases her in an asphyxiating sleeperhold that she pleads to be freed from. Sk doesn’t give into her cries considering all her previous wrongdoings and she blacks out from the squeeze. Feeling her over, he finds a data chip in her bikini bottoms and sets it off to the side. His OTS carry brings her to the bed and he lays her into a derri “air” pose. A syringe of a devious substance is driven into one of her plump cheeks and she awakens a writhing and alarmed mess. The mixture courses through her bloodstream, dulling her senses and causing her to convulse as he moans and begs for forgiveness. Her juicy tongue dangles from her mount and the whites of her eyes show. Face down and ass up, she lies twitching until the concoction runs its course, forcing her to spring up for a moment before drooling profusely and splatting to the bed. Her reign of terror as finally over as SK departs from the successful raid.

Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Double chopstick temple drill KO
Chopstick neck drill KO
Blackjack KOs
Leash choke KOs
Tranquilizer pistol KO
Triple tap KO
Chloroform rag smother KO
Face punch KO
Syringe KO
Lift and carry
Over-the-shoulder carries
Limb checks
Derri “air” KO poses
Tongue protrusion
Twitching / convulsing
Eye rolling
Eye checks
Instant replay
Alternate takes


Length: 37 min
Price: 34.99