(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Onyx stands guard, decked out in revealing gear and a pair of fly aviator shades as she looks out for trespassers. A mischievous Anne Marie scopes around the corner to ensure her approach is invisible. She stalks Onyx like a predator before encasing her in an arching dragon sleeper. Onyx appeals for mercy as her defeat draws near and she can’t draw her weapon. Anne mocks her desperate writhing and plays with her shapely abs. Onyx soon goes limp and Anne plays a bit more before striking a decisive win pose.

The next approach sees Anne apply a hand smother from the rear and powerfully strike Onyx in the midsection. Onyx buckles to her rear and is trapped in a more technical chickenwing sleeperhold combo that leaves her withering away as her eyes roll back. Anne continues to enjoy her feeble figure before sprawling her out for another victory pose.

Onyx sits at her post equipped with a nasty machine gun and ready to do damage. To her misfortune, Anne gets the drop as she tightens a garrote wire across her throat. Onyx immediately drops the weapon and wildly convulses in her seat from the excruciating strangle. She does everything in her power to escape, but it’s of no use as the leverage works against her. Onyx’s movements cease and the whites of her eyes show, giving Anne the clear for more midriff worship and a short, yet charming monologue. Onyx is left dangling and lifeless in her seat as Anne sets off to her next site.

Anne adds a hint of cuteness to the next knockout as she tails Onyx with a daruma plushie in hand. She makes it the perfect instrument for smothering as she envelops Onyx’s face with it. Onyx claws around trying to reach her knife as she’s taunted by a stimulated and reveling Anne. Her vulnerable cries are muffled through the plushie as she helplessly gyrates and convulses. She finally goes out as the lack of oxygen puts her down. Anne can’t help but admire her shapely midsection as she’s on her way out.

Onyx is equipped with the machine gun again as she scouts for intruders. Anne sneakily makes her way up behind her and takes command of her weapon, bringing to her throat and choking her out with it. Onyx goes night night in no time flat giving Anne the golden chance of treating her like her own little doll. An OTS carry, win pose, and spank take place before Anne strolls off with her prize.

Anne flexes her knowledge of submission holds again as she applies a crossface chickenwing smother to the unsuspecting Onyx. Onyx violently bucks in the ensnaring hold as she tries to resist her body’s desire to concede, but Anne is just too much. Anne continues to caress her belly as she stands catatonic and powerless. She lets Onyx flop onto her back, spread eagle and dominated, then poses over her easily subdued adversary.

Onyx draws her knife as she senses something gone awry in her immediate proximity, but she can’t pinpoint what it is. Anne pounces from the rear with a chloroform rag sending Onyx into a panic as she tries to slash behind her. Anne blocks the swing and disarms the sentry, rendering her defenseless as the chloroform suppresses her wild struggle. A foot is placed on Onyx’s stomach as Anne flexes in triumph.

Onyx finds herself victim of a full nelson submission that soon becomes a suffocating cobra clutch. Onyx gurgles and moans as she can’t sustain consciousness during the grueling hold. She drops to her knees and passes out giving Anne another chance to indulge in light belly worship. Onyx is left comatose and craving oxygen as Anne poses over her victoriously.

Onyx is on the hunt for her hunter as she slowly strides about. She becomes the hunted as Anne secures a sleeperhold across her throat. Onyx frantically taps and begs for Anne to free her, but she’ll receive no such benevolence. Anne feels across her smooth abs as she struggles in her grasp, taking great pleasure in Onyx’s anguish. The fight goes to the ground where Onyx pleads further and Anne shows no signs of letting up. After being left limp as a ragdoll, she’s hauled over Anne’s shoulder for an escalated interaction.

Onyx is completely out of it as Anne has her feet bound, hands bound, and mouth gagged, and left free to play with her pretty tummy. The constant stimulation stirs Onyx awake to a state of anxiety and agitation. Anne has plans to go back to her soft, sensual stomach worshipping session and clamps her hand around Onyx’s airways for a smother. Onyx goes berserk, thrashing as much as she can to free herself, but it’s impossible against her bindings. She goes out and Anne returns to her fun little session.

Anne relocates with her doll to a different area and Onyx finds herself upside down on a stairway and even more susceptible than before. The blood rushes to her head as Anne applies another chloroform rag smother. Onyx goes out without a fight as she’s completely incapable of self-defense. Anne satiates her appetite even further with more belly worship. They return to the mat room and Onyx is hogtied and facedown. Onyx awakens, but is soon locked into a rear naked choke that puts her to bed. Anne goes off to make further preparations and Onyx finds consciousness again. She squirms and wriggles in the hogtie trying to get free, but it’s of no use.

In the final scene we see Anne with a tied up Onyx in an undisclosed area. Onyx remains gagged and is now bound to a pipe with her midriff perfectly on display for Anne to have her way with her in any imaginable capacity. Onyx is overwhelmed with a mix of fury and fear as she realizes the worst has yet to come…

Dragon sleeper KO
Chickenwing sleeperhold KO
Garrote choke KO
Daruma plushie smother KO
Weapon choke KO
Crossface chickenwing smother KO
Chloroform rag smother KOs
Cobra clutch KO
Sleeperhold KO
Hand smother KO
Rear naked choke KO
Over-the-shoulder carries
Excess belly fondling
Limb checks
Win poses


Length: 23 min
Price: 21.99