(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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It looks like a rivalry has been bubbling behind the scenes as both the lovely Tilly McReese and gorgeous Galas have been contacting Sleeperkid relentlessly to book another match after their latest exhaustion battle. This time the theme is a “sleeper holds only” match where each fall is achieved by a three-count pin. The rules are no holds barred, no disqualification, and the most falls by the end of the time limit is the victor. Both ladies agree and the action kicks off swiftly.

After the countdown the ladies tie-up struggling for the upper hand. A knee to the gut sends Tilly staggering to the wall for extra belly punishment. An arm flip throw softens her up more as Galas dives in to apply a seated surfboard stretch. Galas then aims for the vulnerable neck of Tilly with an applied sleeper that sends her flailing for freedom but to no avail. A secondary seated sleeper to Tilly puts her lights out and secures the first fall for Galas.

In the following round Tilly is quick to recover and wastes no time locking Galas in a tight bearhug until the exhaustion sets in. However before she goes out, Tilly administers a sleeper hold of her own that has Galas kicking and pleading for mercy before it’s nighty night. For a little payback Tilly applies a secondary sleeper hold of her own that ignores the frantic tapping of Galas before a limb check and single leg hook pin ensures the second fall for her.

It’s the top of the third fall and Galas hastily lands a high kick to Tilly’s jaw that has her seeing birdies before exercising a potent nerve pinch that sends Tilly crashing to her rear. A sudden reminder makes Galas cinch a sleeper hold that quickly suppresses the dazed Tilly. For good measure an extra sleeper hold is executed to protect the pin fall, but this time Galas puts some spice on it as she fixes Tilly into a matchbook pin to take the round.

In the fourth it’s a contest for each lady to get the advantage in the tie-up but a knee to Galas’ tummy ends the tussle. Tilly uses her agility to twist Galas up before delivering a staggering eat defeet maneuver. The semi-conscious Galas is primed prey for Tilly as she dives behind her and locks in a rear naked choke to the woozy blonde. However, this time it’s extra vindictive as Tilly increases the strain with an additional two knockouts to the helpless and tap-happy Galas. A matchbook pin of her own grants Tilly the round.

In the fifth and tied round for the ladies Galas loses the edge as Tilly goes right for a jugular with an instantly locked sleeper hold. It seems the end is nigh for Galas as she gradually begins to fade but finds it within herself to counter with sharp elbows to Tilly’s midriff. Galas cinches her own sleeper against the stunned Tilly that looks to spell the end of the match, but not quite. Galas takes this golden opportunity to test her own strength and abilities versus the defenseless brunette as she applies sleeper hold after sleeper hold, knocking her out faster than the last until Tilly is left a mess in her own drool. A final limb check and single leg hook pin guarantee victory for Miss Looner.

(Stay tuned for alternate takes!)

Belly punching
Arm flip throw
Surfboard stretch
Sleeper hold KOs
Prolonged sleeper hold KOs
Limp play
Single leg hook 3-count pins
Win poses
Double nerve pinch
Matchbook 3-count pins
Eat defeet KO
Rear naked choke KOs


Length: 22 min
Price: 18.99