(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sometimes it’s hard to be a Secret Agent.  Sahrye finds this out the hard way as a captured agent being used as a human test subject for Monroe’s interrogation/combat skills.  Already unconscious in a secret location, Sahrye is woken with an injection to the butt, before Monroe attempts her interrogation.  Monroe unleashes belly punching and the horrific sleeper hold. But Sahrye is no amateur and is able to turn the tables by raking of the eyes of Monroe forcing her to release the sleeper hold, all while Anne-Marie looks on, judging the rookie. Sahrye retaliates with a sleeper hold of her own, before unleashing a devastating leg scissor on the woozy agent Monroe. Reverse leg scissors and knee lift to the face leave the rookie agent dazed and in big trouble.

Anne-Marie, not happy with the way things are going picks Monroe off the mats for some words of encouragement before throwing her back to the waiting wolf. Monroe is already to out of it to heed her leader’s advice, so Sahrye just continues her domination, but not for too much longer, as Sahrye finishes the rookie off for good with a vicious neck snap, leaving Monroe twitching with her tongue hanging out, but otherwise, completely lifeless. Sahrye rolls the still twitching carcass to the end of the mats to make room for taking on Anne-Marie.

Anne, frustrated by her apprentice’s demise is ready for battle. The two square off and Anne quickly shows why she is in charge, dropping Sahrye with a nasty head-butt, followed by a knee to the throat. Sahrye shows she is no slouch, unleashing a sudden kick to the back of Anne’s head, sending Anne flying and crashing to the mats with a lot less sense left then she had before the impact to her skull. Sahrye takes advantage of the opening, locking the spy leader into a triangle choke. Anne looks like she’s about the follow in the footstep of her fallen comrade, but instead displays another example of why she is in charge, biting hard on the only thing she can, Sahrye’s crotch! Instinctively, Sahrye immediately releases her foe, screaming and grabbing her bitten crotch in pain. Anne, back in control goes for the finish with a series of brutal face punches, but just before the coup de grâce Sahrye springs to life, stopping Anne-Marie dead in her tracks with a low blow kick. Anne drops like a stone as she now holds her crotch in pain. Sahrye knowing she has to end this soon locks on a tight sleeper hold, hoping the get the chance to snap Anne’s neck just like she did with Monroe, but Anne has one more trick up her sleeve, a hidden syringe buried her boot. Anne retrieves the syringe just in time and quickly stabs Sahrye with it. The effects are immediate, Sahrye loses complete control of her body, twitching and convulsing as her body rebels against the injection. Anne takes a few moments to release some frustration with a few double axe handle belly blows on the defenseless Sahrye before getting back to business. Anne has a few final words for Sahrye before quickly snapping her neck and now it is Sahrye who is twitching, but otherwise lifeless.

Anne isn’t quite done, she picks out the body of Monroe and carries her over to Sahrye to pile the caresses on top of each other. Both bodies still twitch just slightly as the final bits of life drain from them. Anne stands proud, frustrated and disappointed over the pile before leaving them for someone else to clean up.

Injection to the butt
Sleeper Holds
Eye Rake
Leg Locks
Neck Snaps
Belly Punching
Face Punching
Knee Lifts
Various Head Scissors
Knee To The Throat
Head Kick
Crotch Bite
Low Blow
Second Injection
Tongue Protrusion
Shiny Spandex
Converse Boots
Body Pile
Victory Pose


Length: 18 mins
Price: 15.99