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Liv is a cute SKW rookie frothing at the bit to get her feet wet. She’s chosen Eliza as her first opponent and feels confident she’ll do well after a mere four weeks of training. Eliza, on the other hand, is a pacing, furious ball of rage as she waits for the tardy newbie to show up for their match.

As Eliza complains to the camera about the lack of respect exhibited, she’s caught unawares by Liv herself. Liv taps Eliza on the shoulder before delivering a sucker punch. Eliza is thrown violently to the mats. Liv immediately goes in for her very first pin, but Eliza is able to kick out at the last moment. Not one to be easily discouraged, Liv continues her first tastes of victory (albeit prematurely) as she uses her newfound wrestling knowledge to dominate Eliza.

After putting Eliza through a bit of brutality, Liv smirks and mentions all she’ll need is one more belly splash to get her foe out for good. When Liv goes to splash, however, Eliza lifts her knees. Liv flies off to the side in pain as Eliza regains her footing and concocts her payback.

Eliza is in complete heel mode now, and that’s where we like her. Liv is taught more than enough about wrestling, respect AND losing at the hands (and arms, and legs…) of Eliza. The raven haired heel is sinister in her approach, as though it’s a game of cat and mouse. We all know who the mouse is.

Eliza delivers ample punishment before donning a chain around her first for some epic face punches. Liv eventually drops, but Eliza isn’t done yet. A chain laced ground and pound is in order, and Liv is defenseless up until she is knocked out cold. Eliza does her ten count with a satisfied smile on her face, with Liv none the wiser.


face punches
wall slams
belly punches
belly kicks
belly knees
body splash against wall
belly splash
camel clutch
reverse head scissors
running knees to belly
bear hug
sleeper hold
fireman’s carry slam
face punches (with chain)
ground and pound (with chain)
ten count pin


Length: 15 min

Price: 12.99