Jessica Nicole and SKW’s Miriya star as a new tag team forced to do battle in a special rules match!   After being offered a LOT of money to participate, both ladies agree to sip out of sedative-laced water bottles and do battle once the drug’s effects kick in!  They slowly pass out, forming a body pile on the mats.  SK makes sure they’re out, checking their limbs and waiting for them to come to and start the match!  What follows is a struggle for BOTH participants, as they try and try again to successfully knock out and pin their partner!  A final submission leads to an epic set of KOs…but not before both wrestlers have delivered one hell of a match!


multiple KOs
exhausted/drugged action
sleeper hold KOs
sleepy talk
body piles
faint KOs
failed pins
belly to belly bearhug KO
tongue protrusion
full body pins
reverse neckscissors
reverse figure four neckscissors
scissors/belly punching combo
post KO overkill belly punches
wall punching
wall splash
double KO
headbutt to belly KO
derri “air” KO pose
matchbook pin press KO
forearm smashes to the neck
side neck scissors KO
punches to the kindey
thigh drops to the throat KO
multiple face punches
Jessica verbally submits
uppercut KO
Jessica forced to drink more sedative
drooling sleeper hold
matchbook pin
Miriya drinks sedative
final body pile


Length: 38 min

Price: 26.99