We fade into the mat room as Jinx enters the camera frame with a smiling confident double bicep pose. SK announces that this will be the first ever Power Bomb match and when she learns her opponent will be Sapphire, we see a glint of worry cross the lovely visage of Jinx that passes quickly into dismissal of the SKW reigning champion.

However, before she is able to get comfortable with the idea, Sapphire attacks from behind with a double axe handle and for a while, it is off to the races with Sapphire riding dominating her smaller but game opponent.

Jinx proves to be a tough cookie as she absorbs rough treatment from the cruel, taunting Sapphire and is able to kick out of 2 pin attempts and then mount some offense of her own that includes several straight punches to Sapphires face and not one but TWO flying hurricanranas. Alas, she gives momentum right back when she makes the rookie mistake of running straight into a size 14 boot of Sapphire while attempting a wall splash and Sapphire takes it home from there.

Despite this being a “Power Bomb” match, we see some well executed power moves from both wrestlers but in the end, Jinx is sprawled out unconscious after being on the receiving end of the match title’s “…And Then Some”.

Highlights from this spirited encounter:

Sleeperkid multiple duties of cameraman, announcer and off-screen referee
Short clothesline KOs
Straddle choke (break at count of 4)
Wall slams and running splashes
Punches and knees to the gut
Biel throw
Body slam
Sidewalk Slam
Several Kickouts at the Count of 2
Face Punches
Sapphire Bomb
Hurricanrana (2)
X 2 Power Bomb Finishers
Instant Replay and much more!


Length: 15 min
Price: 12.99