We fade in on JESSICA NICOLE being interviewed by Sleeperkid. Jessica is in a rage, pacing around the mats.  She is furious because her friend Saya was put in the hospital by some “punk” named TINY and she has come today to get some revenge! While Jessica rants, the dark destroyer sneaks into the room and clamps his massive hands around Jessica’s skull, squeezing away until the adorable brunette slumps to the mat.

Tiny proceeds to deliver the kind of squash that only he can, making sure that Jessica will never forget that he is “more than tall” as well as ensuring that Jessica will be spending quite a bit of time next to Saya in the hospital.  After destruction that at times has Jessica reduced to nothing more than a twitching, eye rolling ragdoll, the Giant finishes her off with his trademark Gorilla Press into multiple Tombstone piledrivers.  It only takes one finger for him to pin the destroyed beauty for a ten count…but you know how Tiny likes to make sure people never forget him.  Poor Jessica is lifted up for a final Tombstone after the pin, one that leaves her annihilated and drooling.  Hopefully SK already reserved a bed next to Saya as Jessica is going to need some medical care after this!



Tongue protrusion

Eye rollTongue protrusion
Eye roll
Body Punches against the wall
Multiple wall splashes KO
Instant Replays
Camel Clutch with Fish Hooking
Mounted Sleeperhold KO
Limp Limb Checks
Running Big Splash KO
Full Weight belly standing
Hair Pull Standing Surfboard
Torture Rack Pain KO
X Factor KO
Dead Weight Gut Wrench lift into Over the Shoulder Back Breaker
Over the Knee Back Breaker Pain KO
Handshake Hand Crush
Heart Punch KO
Lifting Double Hand Choke KO
Derri “Air” KO pose
Low Blow “Punt” kick
Iron Claw KO
Dragon Sleeper KO
Running Power Slam KO
Choke Slam KO
“Mr. Converse” Mandible Claw KO
Seated Nerve Claw KO
Body Dragging
Baby Swing
Crippler Crossface Pain KO
Piledriver KO
Gorilla Press into Multiple Tombstone Piledriver KO
Tombstone After the Pin
Over the Shoulder Carry


Length: 33 min

Price: 24.99