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Super Jackson is on the hunt as the scene fades in. She doesn’t have to look long, however. Sleeperkid sneaks up on our heroine, dropping a crystal weakening charm necklace over her head, the effects immediate. Finding her sudden lack of strength amusing, Sleeperkid taunts Super Jackson, telling her to give him her best shot. Pulling back, Jackson tries as best she can to deliver a solid punch, but her efforts are fruitless. The charm necklace has diminished her powers far too much and she’s been rendered basically useless.

SK goes on to tell Jackson that he wants to play a game with her….three games, actually. All she needs to do is win two of them, and she gets to walk! Not only will she get to leave, but he’ll even go to PRISON if she wins! What a deal! Jackson doesn’t have much choice but to agree to the games he’s concocted, so Game 1 begins.

For the first part, Jackson must keep her hands clasped above her head for the entire time limit set forth, no matter WHAT happens. As soon as the rules are spoken, Sleeperkid starts tearing into her with belly punches and knees. The already weakened Super Jackson becomes even more weak from the force of SK’s belly blows. Jackson ultimately collapses, but has in fact just made it over the time limit…so round 1 goes to Super Jackson.

Before round 2 officially begins, Sleeperkid brings in yet another necklace and drapes it over Jackson’s head while explaining there are actually THREE parts to the charm sequence. Just when Jackson thought her powers were squelched before, they are doubly so upon donning the second necklace.

Sleeperkid ties her hands behind her back, and for round 2, Jackson cannot drop, no matter what, for the duration of this rounds time limit. Round 2 begins, and it’s clear SK has upped the ante here. Powerful backhanded slaps and face strikes rain down on Super Jackson, who does her best to remain upright. With each strike she staggers, always at risk of collapse. Strike after strike lands on the superheroine’s face until she endures her first loss of the game: she collapses before the time limit, totally spent as Sleeperkid gloats over his win.

For round 3, it seems almost far too good to be true. Super Jackson must simply crawl around the entirety of the room, full circle, three times. If she completes three full circuits, she will have won the game. She begins her journey.

Jackson is nearly asleep as she drags herself on hands and knees around the room, the only motivation that of the win nearly within reach. It’s slow going, with SK not making it any easier as he taunts, teases and even occasionally kicks at her. Perseverance overcomes the necklaces, however, and Jackson completes the 3 trips around the room! Sleeperkid congratulates her on her win….

….right before reminding her that all villains are liars, and of COURSE he’s not going to let her go! Distraught and weak, Jackson can do little more than sob mutely over this news. As she struggles to stay conscious, Sleeperkid grabs some rope, a belt and her cape. He binds her upper arms with the belt, her wrists with the rope and drapes her cape over her upper body before leaving her there to give in to unconsciousness.


Length: 14 min

Price: 11.99