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SK is explaining to Eliza that her biggest fan has ordered a special match to see who is the biggest jobber at SKW. Eliza is beyond insulted at the prospect, bickering and whining to SK. She’s insulted because she knows that this is a case of who is the biggest loser. SK continues to placate Eliza, reminding her that this client is her BIGGEST fan, and that this is her shot to come out on top. With that in mind, Eliza finally agrees to the match against newbie fan favorite jobber Cynder.

The match begins with the rules being whoever gets the first 3 pins, wins. This match loses its rules almost immediately, however, as SK and Eliza work together to cheat Cynder whenever and wherever they can. Round by round, Cynder loses the upper hand and current dominant positions because of SK’s bad, BS calls and Eliza’s cheating ways. Despite the actions of SK and Eliza, Cynder is still able to hold her own while battling their less than admirable ways.

New rules are created in mostly Eliza’s favor at the beginning of each round, putting Cynder at a serious disadvantage. It goes so far that SK even applies a neck nerve pinch AFTER Cynder has already won the round…Cynder is furious!

At the beginning of the final round, the new ‘rule’ is that only a standing sleeper can win. Cynder is in a blind rage when she grabs Eliza by the hair while simultaneously cranking a hammer lock. SK tells her she has to let go, because she is ‘cheating’! When Cynder releases the hold, it’s only to get up in the camera screaming at the SKW founder. Cynder’s fury gets her up the creek again as it gives Eliza ample time to wrap her fist in a chain and deliver a low blow. Eliza’s signature double forced low blow follows that sends Cynder into sleepy land, opening her up for a final pin.

With moments left to spare, Cynder reverses her position and gives Eliza a taste of her own medicine, slamming her own fists up her most sensitive area, adding insult to injury. SK has no choice but to name Cynder the official winner.

Just when we think this brilliant match has ended, we cut back to Eliza coming to. SK murmurs to her that it didn’t go very well for her, to which she replies that perhaps they can edit it out? At that point, a fist comes out of nowhere, striking Eliza roughly and putting her out again. A smiling Cynder fills the frame as she whispers that there’s no doubt who the biggest jobber is now.


head lock
elbow drops
fingerlock test of strength
belly kicks
head scissors
grapevine/belly smother combo
limp checks
low blows
standing head scissors
belly claw
mandible claw
belly punch
navel jabs
double foot smother
foot press against belly
wall slams
neck nerve pinch (POV)
standing sleeper
hammer lock/hair grab combo
chain strikes
chain strike low blows
double forced low blow
ten count pin


Length: 18 min

Price: 15.99